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Citadel portal scroll detail

The citadel portal scroll can be used with 4 other clan mates to create a Clan Citadel in an ancient ritual dedicated to Armadyl. It can be received by talking to Avalani.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Citadel portal scroll.

Kral tes Armadyn naaras ganda tosai vol kiraake part...

Kral tes Armadyn shuras ganda tosai vol aarje kijar...

Kral tesha gandan korras le tosai vol linaar-rakasi quatigein...

Aan si shuras le younai, kral tes talisan jelas, ki nan-karadosi.

Re kral Armadyn akarsil, setha.


Through the wisdom of Armadyl we seek the freedom of flight...

Through the power of Armadyl we seek the security of a stronghold...

Through our own courage we seek mastery of unknown regions...

And so empowered we rise to new heights on wings of adventure.

In the name of Armadyl, amen.


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