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Chronicle Player was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Chronicle Player
Chronicle Player
Release date 21 March 2016 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Various
Sells items No
Gender Male and Female
Examine Someone who has fallen in love with the new card game craze.

Chronicle Players are humans playing Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. They were added to the game with the release of the open beta for Chronicle. On 1 August 2016 many of them were removed or relocated, and the remaining ones were removed on 10 July 2017.


Location Map
Blue Moon Inn
(South area of Varrock)
Chronicle Player (Blue Moon Inn) location
Forester's Arms
(N/W corner of Seers' Village)
Chronicle Player (Forester's Arm) location
Hair of the Dog
(South area of Canifis)
Chronicle Player (Hair of the Dog) location
Jolly Boar Inn
(N/E of Varrock)
Chronicle Player (Jolly Boar Inn) location
(Outside of the The Asp & Snake Bar)
Chronicle Player (Pollnivneach) location
Rising Sun
(N/W corner of Falador)
Chronicle Player (Rising Sun) location
(Outside of the bank)
Chronicle Player (Edgeville) location
Port Sarim
(West of The Rusty Anchor)
Chronicle Player (Port Sarim) location

Every so often, they will say a few lines pertaining to playing the card game. The possible lines are:

  • Ariane has some really powerful combos.
  • Aw, I thought I could handle that monster.
  • Do you have any tips for using Ozan better?
  • Fancy a rematch?
  • Good fight.
  • Ha! Absolutely destroyed you that time.
  • Hah, my armour wins the day again!
  • How did you get hold of that card?
  • I nearly had you that time.
  • I think I need more monsters in my deck.
  • I think I'll build a new deck for our next game.
  • I think I've got too many allies in my deck.
  • I'd have won if you hadn't pulled off that last combo.
  • I'll have to try that approach next time.
  • Make sure you keep your deck balanced.
  • My new deck works brilliantly.
  • One health point? You had one health point left? Aargh!
  • That was a close one! Well played.
  • That was a dirty trick to play!
  • That was quite a comeback!
  • Think I took one risk too many there.
  • Think I'll try that Legend next game.
  • What is your level in Vanescula?
  • You really built a powerful weapon that time!
  • You ruined my master plan!
  • You're pretty good for Raptor.