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Christmas loot piñatas is obtainable from the Christmas Advent Calendar (2016) and from Treasure Hunter on 1 December 2016. It can be deployed and hit to obtain rewards. This will not yield any combat experience.


Looting your own piñata will give you a Christmas piñata loot bag.

If you loot other people's piñatas, you will receive one of the rewards listed below, up to the daily limit of five, which is shared with other types of piñatas. A maximum of five random people can receive items from a piñata at a time. The more people attacking the less likely it is to obtain loot for others who didn't place the piñata. Attacking another player's piñata will give the loot directly instead of in a loot bag. You have to be near by to receive loot.

The possible rewards from looting other people's piñatas are the following:

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