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Chompy bird hat (expert dragon archer) equipped

A player wearing an expert dragon archer hat

Chompy bird hats (also known as Ogre hats or Chompy hats) are a group of member's only decorative hats. To obtain these hats, players must have completed the quest Big Chompy Bird Hunting. In addition to that, players must have at least level 5 Fletching, level 30 Ranged, and have killed at least 30 Chompy or Jubbly birds (or a combination of both). As these hats are purely for decoration and recognition of an achievement; they provide players with no bonuses.

Obtaining Chompy HatsEdit

Hunting a chompy bird

A player killing a chompy bird

After completing the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest, players can continue to hunt chompies to obtain the ogre hats. Once you kill your 4,000th Chompy bird, you will receive 30,000 Ranged-icon Ranged experience. The current Grand Exchange price for 4000 raw chompies is 6,536,000 coins; however, most players decide not to collect these to save time.

To obtain these hats, and after killing an ideal amount of chompies, talk to Rantz to the east of Feldip Hills. Upon scrolling through a small dialogue, and after selecting "No" on the first option, select the option to see the "hatsies" he has to offer. An interface will open that shows all of the various hats and the number of kills required for each one.

Players are able to choose which of the eligible hats to take. For example, a player who has killed 50 chompy birds, can take the Ogre yeoman hat, the Bowman hat, the Ogre bowman hat, or any combination of them. Players can choose the same hat twice in order to obtain duplicates that will stack in the bank. To save bank space, players can drop the hats because they can always be replaced for free by Rantz.

When receiving the final hat, the Expert dragon archer hat, the player will also gain a one-time 30,000 Ranged experience bonus. Chompy birds are relatively fast kills, ranging anywhere from 50-140 kills per hour.

To get 4,000 kills for the Expert Dragon Archer hat, a player will spend anywhere from 30–45 hours. This is, of course, complete luck. Most players average 90 kills per hour; however, there is no guarantee that each player will get 90 kills per hour.

Equipment Edit

In order to hunt Chompy birds, players need the following:

An Ogre bow can be obtained from Rantz or from the Grand Exchange. Arrows can either be purchased from the Grand Exchange (advisable) or made. Ogre bellows are obtained by "unlocking" a chest (a key is not required) in the north-west part of a Feldip Hills cave (not on worldmap) in eastern Feldip Hills. Ogre Rantz and his son and daughter live near this cave, which is directly north from the quest start icon where Big Chompy Bird Hunting is started.

Optional items include weight-reducing items. If attempting to be almost weightless, players should try to carry the least amount of weight they can. Energy potions are optional if players have low agility but they will not last very long. Food is also optional as you might be hurt from the exploding toads. Steel arrows are not required but may be gathered if wielding Ava's accumulator while the toggle is turned on. Only one ogre bellow is needed.

Locations Edit

For Chompy birds, there are various locations that a player can choose from:

  • Feldip Hills Swamp - 3 locations
  • Castle Wars Swamp - 2 locations

It is advisable to choose an area that is less-populated by attackable monsters or interactive scenery.

Strategy Edit

While Chompy and Jubbly birds affect the kills on the hat, it is advised to kill the former, as they have a lower level and do not require the completion of other quests. After finding their preferred hunting spot, players should inflate their bellows from one of the swamps. Players can either use the bellows on the swamp bubbles or, if they are close enough to the swamp, can simply left-click the bellows.

Next, players should find three toads, which are hopping around nearby, and inflate them with the bellows. The frogs are a simple left-click when the player has filled up their bellows. Players can have up to three (3) frogs in their inventory. Players can place all their frogs on the ground. Once that happens, their inventory will be empty, and they can get more frogs. Players may have more than three (3+) frogs on the ground, if they bloat up enough frogs.

After a certain amount of time, the frogs will "burst."

It is advisable to place the frogs down in an open area away from the swamp, but not too far away from it. Perhaps 3-6 squares away. While waiting for chompies to spawn, players can go back to the swamp and fill up their bellows. They can also collect more frogs.

When a chompy bird spawns, a flashing yellow arrow will appear on the player's screen. Once the chompy spawns, they do not have to be attacked straight away, as they actually stay for quite a while; however, it is advisable to attack them, as they will eat the frogs. If a chompy is eating a frog, they cannot be attacked until after they are done eating the frog.

Despite the chompies' low level, it may take 2-3 shots to kill the creature. It is advised the player uses Momentum, and some ranged-damage increasing armour; this should ensure a single shot per chompy almost every time.

It should be noted that if two or more players are hunting in the same area, that chompy is reserved for a specific player. It is also possible to have more than one (1+) chompy appear during the duration of the bloated frog-bait.

Players can choose to pluck the birds after they die. Raw chompies weigh 10 kg each, so they will add a considerable amount to a player's weight. Decent money can be made by selling raw chompy on the Grand Exchange. Some players also choose to bring unfinished wild pies, and add the chompies to them. This reduces the chompies' weight to almost nothing. Players may wish to wear weight reducing clothing. Bring a bone crusher and sign of porter to bank them.

Hat and Kill variationsEdit

The following is sorted based on the number of birds killed. Players may check the number of kills by right-clicking ("Check kills") on an Ogre bow or a Comp ogre bow, or by using quick chat.

Kills Hat Image
30 Ogre bowman hat
Chompy bird hat (ogre bowman)
40 Bowman hat
Chompy bird hat (bowman)
50 Ogre yeoman hat
Chompy bird hat (ogre yeoman)
70 Yeoman hat
Chompy bird hat (yeoman)
95 Ogre marksman hat
Chompy bird hat (ogre marksman)
125 Marksman hat
Chompy bird hat (marksman)
170 Ogre woodsman hat
Chompy bird hat (ogre woodsman)
225 Woodsman hat
Chompy bird hat (woodsman)
300 Ogre forester hat
Chompy bird hat (ogre forester)
400 Forester hat
Chompy bird hat (forester)
550 Ogre bowmaster hat
Chompy bird hat (ogre bowmaster)
700 Bowmaster hat
Chompy bird hat (bowmaster)
1,000 Ogre expert hat
Chompy bird hat (ogre expert)
1,300 Expert hat
Chompy bird hat (expert)
1,700 Ogre dragon archer hat
Chompy bird hat (ogre dragon archer)
2,250 Dragon archer hat
Chompy bird hat (dragon archer)
3,000 Expert ogre dragon archer hat
Chompy bird hat (expert ogre dragon archer)
4,000 Expert dragon archer hat
Chompy bird hat (expert dragon archer)

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