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Hunting chompy birds is an activity unlocked after completing the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest. Players can hunt these for raw chompy meat, or to unlock various chompy bird hats.

Required itemsEdit

Item Use
Ogre bellows
Ogre bellows Used to inflate swamp toads to obtain bloated toads, which is used as bait. Multiple can be obtained using the Drop trick - three is an optimal number.
Ogre bow
Ogre bow Used as a weapon to kill chompy birds. Regular weapons will not work. The ogre bow has a longer range than the comp ogre bow; however, the comp ogre bow is faster and does more damage.
Comp ogre bow
Composite ogre bow
Ogre arrow 5
Ogre arrow Weapons used to kill Chompy birds can only fire ogre arrows or brutal arrows. It is recommended to use adamant brutal arrows or rune brutal arrows because of their higher damage.


Hunting a chompy bird

A player catching a chompy bird

Players may hunt for chompy birds in the area south of Castle Wars and in the Feldip Hills. An area that works particularly well can be found south of the Poison Waste. Players should travel to the Spirit tree, walk south and grapple the tree (which will require the player to bring a crossbow and mithril grapple if they do not have the Enhanced grappling hook on their tool belt). They will then be in a chompy hunting area east of the bridge that leads to the Incandescent wisp colony.

After finding their preferred hunting spot, players should inflate their bellows from one of the swamps. Players can either use the bellows on the swamp bubbles or, if they are close enough to the swamp, can simply left-click the bellows. Alternatively, for maximum convenience players can simply place the empty bellows on their action bar.

Next, players should find three toads, which are hopping around nearby, and inflate them with the bellows. The frogs are a simple left-click when the player has filled up their bellows. Players can have up to three (3) frogs in their inventory. Players can place all their frogs on the ground. Once that happens, their inventory will be empty, and they can get more frogs. Players may have more than three (3+) frogs on the ground, if they bloat up enough frogs. One method is to place three lines of three toads in a square formation and then to refill the three sets of bellows.

When a chompy bird spawns, a flashing yellow arrow will appear on the player's screen. Once the chompy spawns, they do not have to be attacked straight away, as they actually stay for approximately one minute; however, it is advisable to attack them, as they will eat the toads. If a chompy is eating a toad, they cannot be attacked until after they are done eating the toad.

Players may choose to utilise the Oldak coil as part of their hunting strategy. If using the suggested hunting area, the coil should be placed in line with the bridge and the square of toads created around the coil. As chompies only have 300 life points, the coil will more often than not kill the bird in 1-2 hits without player intervention. However, chompies may get stuck behind obstacles (including the corpses of other birds!) and so players must still be vigilant to ensure that all birds are killed. It must also be remembered that the coil will not hit chompies while toads are being bloated or the bellows are being filled.

It should be noted that if two or more players are hunting in the same area, that chompy is reserved for a specific player. It is also possible to have more than one (1+) chompy appear during the duration of the bloated frog-bait.

Players can choose to pluck the birds after they die. Raw chompies weigh 10kg each, so they will add a considerable amount to a player's weight. Decent money can be made by selling raw chompy on the Grand Exchange. Some players also choose to bring unfinished wild pies, and add the chompies to them. This reduces the chompies' weight to almost nothing. However, players must consider whether the monetary gain from this outweighs the inconvenience of frequently banking.

Obtaining chompy hatsEdit

Chompy bird hat (expert ogre dragon archer) equipped

After completing the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest, players can continue to hunt chompies to obtain the ogre hats. The current Grand Exchange price for 4000 raw chompies is 24,776,000 coins; however, most players decide not to collect these to save time.

To obtain these hats, and after killing an ideal amount of chompies, talk to Rantz to the east of Feldip Hills and select the option to see the "hatsies" he has to offer. An interface will open that shows all of the various hats and the number of kills required for each one.

Players are able to choose which of the eligible hats to take. For example, a player who has killed 50 chompy birds, can take the Ogre yeoman hat, the Bowman hat, the Ogre bowman hat, or any combination of them. Players can choose the same hat as many times as they want to obtain duplicates that will stack in the bank. To save bank space, players can drop the hats because they can always be replaced for free by Rantz.

When receiving the final hat, the Expert dragon archer hat, the player will also gain a one-time 30,000 Ranged experience bonus.

To get 4,000 kills for the Expert Dragon Archer hat, a player using the above method will spend approximately 20 hours and use approximately 4000-6000 Cannonballs. This is, of course, complete luck. Most players average 200-250 kills per hour; however, there is no guarantee that each player will achieve this every hour.