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Chocolate egg on face mask was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
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Chocolate egg on face mask chathead
Chocolate egg on face mask detail

The chocolate egg on face mask is obtainable through the 2012 Easter Event hosted in Varrock by the Evil Chicken and Chocatrice. Once three eggs are found, players can then exchange three chocotreats for the mask. If players find all five eggs three times in a row, they can permanently keep the eggsterminator after Easter is over and it will not melt. The eggs are scattered all over RuneScape at random locations. Every egg is instanced for each player, so players do not have to wait for a respawn if someone else destroys the eggs first making this easy to hunt with a group of friends or clan.

Combat Stats
RequirementsChocolate egg on face mask equipped
NoneHead slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


  • The decal on the mask resembles that of a Cadbury Creme Egg - a chocolate egg that is often seen near Easter in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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