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This article is about standard hunter creature. For other varieties and items, see Chinchompa (disambiguation).
Chinchompa (Hunter)
Release date 21 November 2006 (Update)
Level 53 Hunter
Experience 198.4
Location Piscatoris Hunter area
Trap Box trap
Preferred bait Spicy tomatoes
Retaliation 20 life points, if killed
Loot Chinchompa
Examine It looks fluffy and cute; it's probably deadly.

Chinchompas are explosive animals that may be caught with the box traps at level 53 Hunter. They can be found at the Piscatoris Hunter area just north-east of Eagle's Peak, and provide 198.5 experience each. When caught, they turn into chinchompas, which are level 45 ranged weapons.

If attacked, they will explode and deal 20 life points of damage. However, if it is done at a distance (with a bow or spell), the exploding chinchompa will not harm the player.


A fast but attention-heavy method of catching chinchompas is the "stand and shoot" method. A player should equip a bow and about 1000+ arrows (a chargebow would also work), go to a crowded world, and figure out where one chinchompa respawns by killing one and seeing where it appears. Once the player knows the exact location where a chinchompa respawns, they should surround the square with their box traps. Then, as the chinchompa appears, it will either enter a trap, or it will dismantle at least one trap and hop away. If the chinchompa dismantles the traps, the player should immediately kill it with an arrow and set the traps up again as fast as possible. In about three to four seconds, the chinchompa will respawn again, and the player may repeat the process of "standing and shooting" if necessary. This method has been tested to be more experience per hour than the traditional "set-up traps and wait" method, because the player can just make the chinchompa respawn and make it more likely to enter a trap rather than wait while it wanders around.


  • The chinchompa is most likely based on the real-life 'chinchilla'.
  • If you go to the Piscatoris Hunting Area through fairy rings (code AKQ) and back, a chinchompa may come with you into Zanaris. Catching the chinchompa with a box trap is also possible there, just as if you caught it in the hunter area.
  • Attacking a chinchompa without killing it will cause it to retreat. They never retaliate directly.

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