The Chimera Straits lie in the Chimera Isles in The Hook region of the Wushanko Isles. Since the straits are used by smugglers, a number of inns and smuggling dens can be found on the isles. They are unlocked by completing the voyage The Chimera Straits (3500 Morale, 3500 Combat, 3500 Seafaring). Completing this voyage unlocks voyages to the Chimera Straits and unlocks the ability to hire feral chimeras for your crew.


  • Completion of The Chimera Straits is required to unlock the Chimera Straits.
  • In The Death Lotus, Ling pursues Bak to the Firebird Inn on the Chimera Isles to prevent him from revealing to the Death Lotus assassins that she is still alive.

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