Chihiro Yamada
Chihiro Yamada
Jagex moderator crown Name Mod Chihiro
Role Senior Game Designer
Team Designers
Project RuneScape
Employed 2006 ─ 2012[1]

Chihiro Yamada, also known as Mod Chihiro, was a senior game designer and technical developer at Jagex.

Prior to becoming a senior game designer, Chihiro was a lead technical developer and content developer. As part of this role, Chihiro continued to develop content and "acted as overall technical advisor on all content projects."[1] He curated the Gnome quest series, until Mod Maylea took over. He was one of the developers working on Clan Citadels and other clan updates and as a result authored many developer's blogs on the topic.

Chihiro also did the design review for A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift as Mod Mark was too busy.[2] He also aided in the design of the Bonus XP Weekend.[3] Together with Mod Ash and Mod Benny, he provided technical support for While Guthix Sleeps.




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