Chief Tess
Chief Tess
Release date 29 January 2008 (Update)
Race Ogre
Members Yes
Quest NPC As a First Resort
Location(s) Oo'glog
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine She walks as if she owns the place.
Chief Tess location
Chief Tess chathead

Chief Tess is the leader of the spa town of Oo'glog. Talking to her can start the As a First Resort quest. She currently has no other function. According to most, she is the best hunter in Oo'glog, during As a First Resort she will teach you how to hunt the creatures in the village. She also knows why the ogres are very protective of the platypodes but she will refuse to tell the player since they interrupt once too often.


  • Chief Tess's name is a play on the word "chieftess," literally meaning a female chief.

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