This article is about the Cheer emote while Sitting in a Clan Citadel's theatre. For the regular Cheer emote, see Cheer, for the Cheer emote used on the Clan Theatre's stage, see Cheer (theatre).

Cheer (Sitting)
Cheer (Sitting) emote icon
Release date 21 September 2011 (Update)
Members Yes
Sound No
Enhancer No
Duration 6 seconds
Requirements A Tier 5 Clan Citadel
Cheer (Sitting)

Cheer (while sitting in a Clan Citadel's theatre) is an emote released on 21 September 2011 that can only be used in a Clan Citadel's theatre, while sat in the audience. As the theatre can only be accessed in a tier 5 citadel, there are a limited number of clans able to use this emote - however, players not in a clan with the requirements can visit a citadel which does have a tier 5 citadel - providing that the clan allows guests into their keep.

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