Cheeky monkey
Cheeky monkey
Cheeky monkey icon
Release date 28 April 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Race Monkey
Source RuneScape Road Trip
Interface Yes
Category Follower
Food No
Colour variations 1
Examine Joined you during the RuneScape Road Trip.
Cheeky monkey chathead

The Cheeky monkey is a reward from completing all tasks in the RuneScape Road Trip journal during the RuneScape Road Trip in May 2014. It can be summoned through the Pet interface. It has two special abilities: it absorbs one hit per minute for a failed pickpocket and causes bananas to heal twice as much when it is active.



  • A Monkeyspeak amulet is not required to speak to the monkey since it can "break the rules of the game".
  • Humorously, you can still have the banana conversation, even when standing in Karamja's banana plantation, with bananas in your inventory.
  • It is identical in appearance to the Monkey minion.

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