Charred Remains (#813)
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Release date 11 January 2012 (Update)
Members Yes
Location The Firemaker's Curse
Quest The Firemaker's Curse
Unlock hint This track unlocks during The Firemaker's Curse quest.
Duration 02:57
Composer Adam Bond
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Charred Remains is a music track that is unlocked during The Firemaker's Curse. It unlocks before initiating battle with the dangerous Zarosian Auspah Char. It is a battle version of The Firemakers' Theme, also containing some parts of Char's theme. The name, "charred", is a pun, meaning both burned (as Char is a master of fire and the main skill of the quest is firemaking) and affected by/relating to Char.

The song starts with a short introduction on the piano, which is a faster and 'heavier' version of The Firemakers' Theme, followed by the main battle theme on what appears to be the violin. This repeats throughout the track with some variation.

Fighting Char

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