Charlie (prisoner)
Release date 12 December 2002 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC The Grand Tree
Location(s) The Grand Tree top floor
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Poor guy, he looks frightened.
Charlie (prisoner) location
Charlie (prisoner) chathead

Charlie is a man held prisoner for allegedly trying to poison The Grand Tree. He is held in the cell at the top of the Grand Tree.

He was hired by Glough to act as a deliveryman, such as transporting gold to the Ship Yard[1] and transporting Daconia rocks from Hazelmere to the Grand Tree, and had been doing so for some time before he was imprisoned.[2] Glough denied this and used Charlie's possession of the rocks to convince King Narnode Shareen that the humans planned to invade.[3] He was later released when Glough was caught with the rocks.


  1. ^ Charlie, "The Grand Tree", RuneScape. "Glough sent me to Karamja to meet him. I delivered a large amount of gold."
  2. ^ Charlie, "The Grand Tree", RuneScape. "Glough paid me to go to this gnome on a hill. I gave the gnome a seal and he gave me some Daconia rocks to give to Glough. I've been doing it for weeks, this time though Glough locked me up here! I just don't understand it."
  3. ^ King Narnode Shareen, RuneScape. "It's sad but I think Glough was right. Humans are planning to invade and wipe out the tree gnomes!"