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Charge pack detail

The charge pack acts as a universal battery for augmented items. It is the first invention the player makes in the Invention Tutorial and is added to the tool belt. It therefore cannot be dropped and is kept on death even if the player is skulled and dies with it.

It is half-charged at 100,000 when players create it. More charge can be added by using a Divine charge.

Even if the Charge pack depletes, augmented equipment still retains its gizmos and experience and can still be equipped. However, augmented items no longer offer any bonuses without charges, get tier 1 stats and all gizmos lose their abilities. Augmented items do not level up without charges.

Higher Invention levels allow players to research higher maximum charges.

Invention Level Unlock Maximum
1 Charge pack 200,000
22 Maximum charge improvement 1 250,000
40 Maximum charge improvement 2 300,000
64 Maximum charge improvement 3 350,000
87 Maximum charge improvement 4 400,000
95 Maximum charge improvement 5 500,000

Charge drainEdit

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Check invention interface

Inspecting an augmenting item

Augmented items (whether or not they have gizmos) no longer use the equipment degradation system, and instead drain charge from the central charge pool each second of combat. This applies to all augmented items including those that did not degrade before augmentation. This rate depends on the item that has been augmented, and can be reduced by researching charge drain reduction.

The current drain rate for an augmented item is displayed in the Check right-click option. This shows both the drain rate of the item checked and the total drain rate of all worn augmented items.

During combat with augmented items (or skilling with a relevant augmented tool), charge is drained similarly to how non-augmented degradable items degrade. Each hit dealt or taken (ability or otherwise), or each skilling action, 10 ticks (6 seconds) of charges are drained at once, with a 10-tick cooldown before more can be drained. This means that charges can be wasted easily: for example, ten ticks of charges are used to kill an imp, even if it is killed in one tick.

On death, any augmented equipment which is not protected will drain two hours worth of drain rate when it is recovered; e.g. If a 1 charge/second drain weapon is not protected, it drains 7200 charges on recovery.

Drain reductionEdit

The charge drain rate of an augmented item depends primarily on the item's tier and slot, but it is reduced by several factors:

  • Charge drain reduction researched reduces charge drain of all items
  • Items level 5 and higher drain charge 10% slower
  • Items with the efficient perk drain charge 6% per rank slower
  • The Invention cape (or its trimmed variant) provides a 2% drain reduction when worn.

Charge drain rate is displayed to two decimal places, but is actually calculated to at least 3 or 4 and rounded down when displayed.


The charges drained per second D follows:

D = \frac{T - 60}{8.0} \times S \times R \times L \times E \times P


  • T is the applied tier of a tier t item. Tier 70 and above items will use their equipment tier for the calculation; any item below tier 70 will use 67.
T =
67 & \text{if } t < 70 \\
t & \text{if } t \ge 70 \\
  • S is the slot modifier:
S =
1.50 & \text{2-handed} \\
1.00 & \text{1-handed main-hand} \\
1.00 & \text{body- and leg- slot} \\
0.50 & \text{off-hand}\\
0.25 & \text{tools}
  • R is the charge drain reduction modifier for current research:
Reduction Invention Level R
None 1 1.00
1 34 0.99
2 49 0.97
3 64 0.95
4 69 0.93
5 78 0.91
6 83 0.88
7 91 0.86
8 95 0.83
9 105 0.80
L =
1 & \text{if } I < 5 \\
0.9 & \text{if } 5 \le I < 14 \\
0.875 & \text{if } 14 \le I < 18 \\
0.85 & \text{if } 18 \le I
  • E is the Efficient/Enhanced Efficient modifier. For a rank r efficient perk (if multiple gizmos contain efficient on a single item, only use the highest ranked)
E =
1 - (0.06 \times r) & \text{Efficient} \\
1 - (0.09 \times r) & \text{Enhanced Efficient} \\
1 & \text{No efficient perk}
P =
0.98 & \text{When worn} \\
1 & \text{When not worn}