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Charge Earth Orb

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Coins 10000
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Charge Earth Orb
Charge Earth Orb icon
Members? Yes
Level 60
Spellbook Normal
Type Enchantment
Experience 70
Runes 30 Earths
3 Cosmics
Charge Earth Orb
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Charge Earth Orb is cast on the Earth obelisk, in Edgeville Dungeon, to turn an unpowered orb into an earth orb. Earth orbs are used with a battlestaff to create an Earth Battlestaff.


Spell cost
30Earth rune3Cosmic rune1,368
Combo runes
3Cosmic rune30Dust rune26,898
3Cosmic rune30Mud rune20,778
3Cosmic rune30Lava rune24,948
3Cosmic runeMud battlestaff1,068
3Cosmic runeStaff of earth1,068
3Cosmic runeLava battlestaff1,068

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