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Chaotic kiteshield
Chaotic kiteshield
Release date 12 April 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
Value 20,000,001 coins
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy You will need to buy another one from the rewards trader at Daemonheim. Destroying this item will refund 50% of the token price.
Store price 200,000 Dungeoneering tokens
(Rewards trader)
Examine A large metal shield.
Weight 5.4 kg
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Chaotic kiteshield detail

The chaotic kiteshield is a melee shield released with the Dungeoneering skill on 12 April 2010. The shield requires a Defence level of 80 and a Dungeoneering level of 80 to wield, and may be obtained from the rewards trader at Daemonheim for 200,000 Dungeoneering tokens. It is the melee companion to the eagle-eye kiteshield and farseer kiteshield. The chaotic kiteshield is currently the second strongest melee shield outside of Daemonheim, succeeded only by the malevolent kiteshield

After approximately 10 hours of combat, the chaotic kiteshield will degrade completely and must be recharged before it may be used again; it has a 20% charge on purchase. Once these charges have been used up, the shield may be recharged for a fee by the rewards trader. There are two methods of recharging: cash or a combination of cash and Dungeoneering tokens. A cash repair will cost up to 2 million coins; a combination of cash and tokens will cost up to 200,000 coins and a number of Dungeoneering tokens. Repairs cost 20,000 coins or 200 tokens per 1% charge depleted.

Combat StatsChaotic kiteshield equipped

A player wielding a chaotic kiteshield.

Skill requirementsDegrades
80 Defence-icon, 80 Dungeoneering-iconYes
Attack MeleeShield slot
Constitution-iconLife points385
Strength bonuses

Repair costs Edit

When first bought, the shield is 20% charged. Repair costs come in 1% increments; you can repair them whenever there's at least 1% charge missing.

  • 100% charged (Fully charged) – no cost.
  • 99% charged – 20,000 coins or 2,000 coins and 200 tokens.
  • 90% charged – 200,000 coins or 20,000 coins and 2,000 tokens.
  • 20% charged (After buying) – 1,600,000 coins or 160,000 coins and 16,000 tokens.
  • 0% charged (No charge) – 2,000,000 coins or 200,000 coins and 20,000 tokens.

Trivia Edit

  • It should be noted that the 10 hours of combat that all chaotic items last for, are measured in 1 game tick (600 ticks per 1%) per attack made AND received. It is thus possible to have your chaotic items degrade at faster rates if you are under attack from multiple enemies, or get attacked by enemies with fast attack rates like scarab swarms.
  • On the day of its release, the chaotic kiteshield's stats were very similar to those of the dragonfire shield, including an offensive damage bonus. A few hours later, it was adjusted to be superior to the dragonfire shield.
  • Prior to an update on 21 April 2010, the chaotic kiteshield cost 400,000 Dungeoneering tokens.
  • Along with the eagle-eye kiteshield and farseer kiteshield, the chaotic kiteshield was the first item in the game to feature damage soaking. It was originally believed to soak 10% of melee damage and 20% of Ranged damage, as stated in the Knowledge Base, but Mod Ash confirmed on September 11 2010 that the shield actually soaked 7% of melee damage and 14% of Ranged damage.

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