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Chaos Tunnels resource dungeon
Kingdom Wilderness
Members area Yes
Main music The Route of All Evil
Levels 1
Strongest monster Black demon
Dwarf multicannon Not allowed
Quests No
Inhabitants/Race Black demon
Chaos Tunnels resource dungeon map

The Chaos Tunnels resource dungeon is a resource dungeon found in the black demon room of the Chaos Tunnels. To enter, a Dungeoneering level of 70 and at least partial completion of The Hunt for Surok is required. Inside there are a total of 9 black demons, with one secluded on an unreachable platform on the right of the entrance. Players will be granted 9,600 Dungeoneering experience upon first entrance to the dungeon.

Getting thereEdit

The quickest route to reach the black demon room is to enter from the rift north of the Monastery which leads to the gargoyles. From there players should head for the larger of the two mummy rooms which leads on into a Monk of Zamorak room, then head past the dust devils (be careful not to misclick and attack them without a facemask or slayer helmet), and finally to the black demon room.

Chaos Tunnels resource dungeon entrance location

Resource Dungeon location.

Black Demon Resource Dungeon entrance

Entrance to the resource dungeon.

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