A note from the Chaos Elemental was given by Mod Osborne at the end of the eleventh "Above the Lore" episode.


An anagram or email will wait for you as you play with Death. PM her name for hidden treat.



  • One possible Anagram of "Or email" is Relomia. Emissary of Sliske.
    • This might mean the player needs to talk to Relomia in private (as PM suggests), a different place than near the public Draynor village market.
  • The phrase "as you play with Death" means while you play the Missing, Presumed Death quest.
  • "Death. PM" backwards makes: M P Death, or Missing Presumed Death.


Relomia can be found atop a rock in the Empyrean Citadel during Missing, Presumed Death. "PM her name for hidden treat." was a special message from Mod Osborne. Relomia is an anagram for "an email", and according to Mod Osborne on Twitter, PMing or Emailing him the name Relomia would have given the user a special prize.[1]


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