In the month of May, 2007, in the "Wise Old Tips" section, the Wise Old Man was given a group of anagrams made by the Chaos Elemental. Rather than tell them straight out, he decided to make them into a crossword puzzle!

Answers to crosswordEdit


  • 1. A large combat (6) "Battle"
  • 6. A colour like red (7) "Crimson"
  • 8. One of those things you all spend time working on (5) "Skill"
  • 9. A dastardly little chap in grey robes (9) "Glouphrie"
  • 10. ---- of the Red Axe (4) "Rise"
  • 12. Land of the White Knights (8) "Asgarnia"
  • 14. Melzar's homeland (7) "Crandor"


  • 2. Myths, stories and fairy tales (7) "Legends"
  • 3. Explosive rodents (11) "Chinchompas"
  • 4. Guild for melee fighters (8) "Warriors"
  • 5. The beings that think they rule the world (3,4) "The Gods"
  • 7. The mage who wears the ying-yang amulet (8) "Makeover"
  • 11. Rock (5) "Stone"
  • 13. Mischievous little demons (4) "Imps"

Updates from Letter 7Edit

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