Chaos Dwarf Battlefield DungeonChaos Dwarf Battlefield
Chaos Dwarf Battlefield
Rise of the Red Axe quest series
Fifth Age to Present
Keldagrim Chaos Dwarf Battlefield
First Regiment Dwarven Black Guard The Red Axe
Colonel Grenda None
Black Guard, Black Guard Berserkers, Black Guard crossbowdwarf Chaos dwarves, Chaos dwogre, Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer
Countless Black Guard Dwarves Countless Chaos Dwarves and Dwogres
Previous battle
Battle at Keldagrim Watchtower
Next battle
Second Battle of Barendir

The Chaos Dwarf Battlefield is a dungeon accessible after the completion of Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest. It may be reached through the tunnel by the gold ore vein in the south-west corner of the Keldagrim mines. The Black Guard of Keldagrim battle the Chaos Dwarves of Red Axe here, to prevent them from invading Keldagrim.

The main attraction of this dungeon is the Dragon pickaxe, which you can obtain from killing the Red Axe dwarves as a very rare drop. Other items that attract players are the Hand cannon, a powerful 2-handed ranged weapon, and its ammo, the Hand cannon shot.

Chaos Bfield

An aerial view of the battlefield. The Black Guard is focused in the east, while the Chaos Dwarves are focused in the west.


Black Guard of KeldagrimEdit

Chaos Dwarves of the Red AxeEdit


Tactics and SurvivalEdit

Chaos Dwarf Battlefield entrance location

The location of the battlefield's entrance

Chaos dwarves closeup

A closer look at the battles.

When attacking your enemies, they are similar to the Rorarius found in the Monastery of Ascension. If you attack one of the aligned forces monsters, minus the Chaos dworges on the Red Axe, you will attract other enemies from that faction to attack you. For example, attacking a Chaos dwarf will cause other nearby dwarfs and hand cannoneers to attack you, causing a quick death if not careful.


A good strategy to spend a long time on the battlefield is to only attack the Chaos dwogres at first, and then switch to other creatures once they become non-aggressive. This allows you to attack one at a time, greatly reducing food and potion use.

Another strategy, for players wishing to attack the dwarves from the start, is to bring a friend or two, who have done the quest, so that the dwarves don't just concentrate on attacking you.

A good strategy for players level 80-99, or with low prayer, is to go to the back near the chaos dwogres and wait for one to attack a dwarf, make sure you know which dwarf it is attacking, attack that chaos dwogre watch the dwarf it's attacking, and as soon as the dwarf dies switch on protect from melee. When the dwogre is dead, or ignoring you to attack another dwarf, switch the prayer off. This also works for chaos dwarf hand cannoneers after you have gained tolerance. If you have low life points, you can wait for the dwogre to attack a dwarf, attack the dwogre, when that dwarf dies stop attacking and wait for the dwogre to attack another dwarf, when it does attack it again.

Another useful strategy is to utilise the dwarf multicannon. One who is attempting should always use Soul Split and area-of-effect abilities such as Chain and Dragon Breath. Using the bonecrusher along with a demon horn necklace here can allow for infinite Prayer points. You should not attempt to use a dwarf multicannon if you do not have access to Soul Split.



Requirements Edit

Recommended LevelsEdit

Recommended equipmentEdit


6-12 Prayer potions, Holy wrench, Monkfish or better, Super sets, Bunyip or better, Bonecrusher if using any of the dungeoneering necklaces to conserve prayer potions, spare aura(s) (optional), and Blood burst or Blood barrage is recommended for getting back lost life points quickly.


  • Use Protect from Missiles or Deflect Missiles all the way through (set as quick prayer), unless waiting for cannoneers to become tolerant.
  • Try not to get piled by the Chaos dwarves.
  • Aim to attack the cannoneers as they give the best drops.
  • Constantly check life points and prayer levels.

Additional considerationsEdit

  • A slightly more conservative method of prolonging a Chaos Dwarf Battlefield trip initially involves praying protect from ranged and running to the opposite side of the battlefield, near the chaos dwogres. If the chaos dwarves and chaos dwarf hand cannoneers are aggressive, you can either wait approximately 20 minutes for them to become tolerant (will only retaliate if attacked by the player FIRST not while attacking a Black Guard dwarf), or attack the Chaos Dwogres while protecting from melee (see Chaos Dwogre page for best practices). After gaining tolerance, determine which chaos dwarves / chaos hand cannoneers are attacking or being attacked by a Black Guard dwarf and attack accordingly. Players can still be piled by chaos dwarves and hand cannoneers, even after gaining tolerance.
  • Lower levelled players (less than 100 combat) should consider having a prayer level above 70 if they wish to stay within the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield for extended periods of time, as the cannoneers hit extremely hard (380) and the dwogres hit fairly accurately. Additionally, bringing along the Holy Wrench from the completion of Rum Deal along with the prayer potions will further extend stay times for all players wishing to use protection prayers.


Music tracks unlocked in this location:


  • Another bug can occur if a Chaos dwogre is killed near the rocks on the floor. Sometimes, the loot will be dropped on top of the rock but the rock cannot be stood on to collect the drop. Instead, the player will automatically pick it up as if it were on top of a table. You cannot, however, place any item back on the rock, unlike what can be done with a table.
  • It has been confirmed that wearing an item of Zamorak, such as a cape, does not prevent aggression from the chaos monsters.
  • The Raptor occasionally visits the Battlefield.
  • Though Hreidmar and Grimmson were both defeated in Birthright Of The Dwarves, the dwarves are still fighting the chaos dwarves after the quest.

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