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Standard Birthright of the Dwarves


Chaos dwarf chathead

Chaos dwarves are a type of corrupted and dangerous dwarves following Zamorak found in various locations, most notably the Wilderness and the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield. They attack with a steel warhammer and have a maximum hit of 170 Life Points, which they hit fairly often, even through tough armour such as Torag's. They give slayer experience if your task is dwarves.

Although they have high life points for their level, Chaos dwarves are not a good monster to train on because of their accuracy. However, they seem to have a reasonable (albeit low) drop rate for Blue charms. On occasion, they may drop a muddy key which will get you quite an amount of mid-level items if you manage to get to the chest. Range seems to work better than melee.

History Edit

It is revealed in Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf that they are the result of experiments by The Red Axe in their attempt to conquer Keldagrim, and in Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf that The Red Axe have been kidnapping ordinary dwarves, brainwashing them, and using machinery to turn them into Chaos Dwarves, being ultimately loyal to Zamorak and no more to Guthix.

It is revealed through the Azdaran document that all dwarves once possessed magic, but Zamorak put a curse on the dwarves that slowly corrupted the magic within them; the dark magic within their veins would eventually corrupt them into mindless beings locked in a perpetual, incoherent rage, although they seem to retain some form of basic intelligence, able to utilise weapons such as hand cannons and fight as a united force. What the Red Axe did with their kidnapped dwarves is presumably to forcibly unlock the tainted magic within them, and use the Ogre Shaman's magic to brainwash them into service.

Since the transition into chaos dwarves is more-or-less a 'natural' process after Zamorak's curse, it can be inferred that all dwarves who did not have their magic suppressed through the Council of the Elder Magi's rituals or controlled the curse through Saradomin's blessing would eventually turn into chaos dwarves.

Appearance Edit

Prior to the graphical update of dwaves, chaos dwarves appear to be otherwise normal-looking dwarves clad in steel armour and red clothing, and wielding warhammers.

After the graphical update the dwarves' look were updated into their canonical appearance, as detailed according to the Lores and Histories entry, "The Coat Thief", describes the appearance of a chaos dwarf:

"He was like no dwarf I'd ever seen in Keldagrim. His skin was dark red and had a rough texture, and it seemed to glow from within like lava... Even unconscious, his face was locked in a grimace of rage. He smelled of sulphur and radiated unmistakable heat...

"...The heat was growing stronger. I stepped back, and Hilda did the same. The dwarf's skin glowed brighter and brighter red and then began to disintegrate, crumbling in on itself like wood curling up in a fire... In less than a minute he was gone, leaving only a few bones and some scorched armour fragments in a thinning cloud of black smoke..."


Chaos dwarves concept art

Concept art of chaos dwarves.


100% DropsEdit

  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Bones Bones 1 1 Always 164


  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Steel full helm Steel full helm 1 2 Common 98
Mithril longsword Mithril longsword 1 2 Common 354
Mithril sq shield Mithril sq shield 1 2 Common 435
Black full helm Black full helm 1 4 Rare 445
Dragon pickaxe Dragon pickaxe (m) 1 5 Very rare [1] 18,615,463
  1. ^ Estimated at 1/4,815 using gathered Adventurer's Log data as of 18 September 2012. Obtainable from battlefield Chaos dwarfs only.


Charm drop percentages
No charms Gold charm Green charm Crimson charm Blue charm






Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 3,668 kills.
1 charm is dropped at a time.

Please add to the log (only if 50 or more creatures killed).

Runes & TalismansEdit

  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Water rune Water rune 10 2 Common 270
Air rune Air rune 12, 24 2 Common 324–648
Mind rune Mind rune 37 2 Common 518
Cosmic rune Cosmic rune 3, 6 2 Common 789–1,578
Chaos rune Chaos rune 10, 37 3 Uncommon 500–1,850
Nature rune Nature rune 9, 18 3 Uncommon 2,754–5,508
Law rune Law rune 3, 6 3 Uncommon 1,290–2,580
Death rune Death rune 3, 6 4 Rare 846–1,692


  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 250 Coins 25, 47, 92, 150,
250, 350, 450, 550
2 Common Not sold
Coal Coal 1 2 Common 241
Muddy key Muddy key 1 3 Uncommon 3,511
Cheese Cheese 1 3 Uncommon 93
Mithril bar Mithril bar 1 3 Uncommon 1,606
Tomato Tomato 1 3 Uncommon 28
Spirit sapphire Spirit sapphire 1 4 Rare Not sold
Spirit emerald Spirit emerald 1 4 Rare Not sold
Spirit ruby Spirit ruby 1 4 Rare Not sold
Grimy ranarr Grimy ranarr (m) 1 4 Rare 2,305
Ancient effigy Starved ancient effigy (m) 1 5 Very rare Not sold

Rare drop table drops (m)Edit

This monster has access to the rare drop table.
The ring of wealth is not required to access the table.
Show/hide rare drop table
Item Quantity Rarity GE Market Price
Coins 250 Coins 200–350,3,000 2 Common Not sold
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 1 2 Common 1,353
Uncut emerald Uncut emerald 1 2 Common 2,509
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby 1 2 Common 2,766
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 1 3 Uncommon 5,242
Loop half of a key Loop half of a key 1 3 Uncommon 31,242
Tooth half of a key Tooth half of a key 1 3 Uncommon 32,820
Uncut dragonstone Uncut dragonstone 1 4 Rare 14,500
Dragonstone Dragonstone 1 4 Rare 10,089
Dragon dagger Dragon dagger 1 3 Uncommon 16,655
Rune battleaxe Rune battleaxe 1 4 Rare 24,265
Rune javelin Rune javelin 5 4 Rare 915
Adamant javelin Adamant javelin 20 5 Very rare 1,240
Rune 2h sword Rune 2h sword 1 5 Very rare 37,404
Rune spear Rune spear 1 5 Very rare 11,415
Dragon spear Dragon spear 1 5 Very rare 36,976
Battlestaff Battlestaff 200 (noted) 4 Rare 1,567,200
Rune sq shield Rune sq shield 1 5 Very rare 22,125
Rune kiteshield Rune kiteshield 1 5 Very rare 31,681
Shield left half Shield left half 1 5 Very rare 64,841
Dragon helm Dragon helm 1 5 Very rare 59,361
Adamant bolts 5 Adamant bolts 200 3 Uncommon 13,000
Onyx bolts 5 Onyx bolts 150 4 Rare 1,257,150
Rune arrow 5 Rune arrow 150 4 Rare 22,650
Vecna skull Vecna skull 1 5 Very rare 97,624
Water talisman Water talisman 1 3 Uncommon 10,576
Earth talisman Earth talisman 25–35 (noted) 3 Uncommon 63,200–88,480
Fire talisman Fire talisman 25–35 (noted) 3 Uncommon 61,425–85,995
Chaos talisman Chaos talisman 1 3 Uncommon 684
Nature talisman Nature talisman 1 3 Uncommon 486
Pure essence Pure essence 1,000–1,500 (noted) 3 Uncommon 17,000–25,500
Nature rune Nature rune 60–80 4 Rare 18,360–24,480
Soul rune Soul rune 20 4 Rare 4,480
Law rune Law rune 45 4 Rare 19,350
Death rune Death rune 50 4 Rare 14,100
Blood rune Blood rune 50 4 Rare 24,050
Raw swordfish Raw swordfish 125–250 (noted) 3 Uncommon 58,750–117,500
Raw shark Raw shark 250 (noted) 3 Uncommon 297,750
Big bones Big bones 150–180 (noted) 3 Uncommon 81,900–98,280
Coal Coal 550–700 (noted) 3 Uncommon 132,550–168,700
Adamantite ore Adamantite ore 150–250 (noted) 3 Uncommon 204,150–340,250
Silver ore Silver ore 100 (noted) 4 Rare 8,600
Runite ore Runite ore 100 (noted) 4 Rare 1,127,100
Rune bar Rune bar 1 2 Common 14,239
Rune bar Rune bar 50 (noted) 5 Very rare 711,950
Clean toadflax Clean toadflax 35–45 (noted) 3 Uncommon 112,805–145,035
Clean snapdragon Clean snapdragon 30–35 (noted) 3 Uncommon 103,950–121,275
Clean torstol Clean torstol 16–34 (noted) 3 Uncommon 89,616–190,434
Herb seed 5 Snapdragon seed 1 2 Common 2,379
Herb seed 5 Torstol seed 1 3 Uncommon 18,952
Watermelon seed 5 Watermelon seed 3 3 Uncommon 8,724
Magic seed 5 Magic seed 3–7 4 Rare 484,107–1,129,583
Palm tree seed 5 Palm tree seed 10 4 Rare 1,223,390
Yew logs Yew logs 450–550 (noted) 4 Rare 165,150–201,850
Crystal triskelion fragment 1 Crystal triskelion fragment 1 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Crystal triskelion fragment 2 Crystal triskelion fragment 2 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Crystal triskelion fragment 3 Crystal triskelion fragment 3 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Melee) Brawling gloves (Melee) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Magic) Brawling gloves (Magic) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Ranged) Brawling gloves (Ranged) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Agility) Brawling gloves (Agility) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Cooking) Brawling gloves (Cooking) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (FM) Brawling gloves (FM) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Fishing) Brawling gloves (Fishing) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Hunter) Brawling gloves (Hunter) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Mining) Brawling gloves (Mining) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Prayer) Brawling gloves (Prayer) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Smithing) Brawling gloves (Smithing) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Thieving) Brawling gloves (Thieving) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (WC) Brawling gloves (WC) 1 5 Very rare Not sold

Universal dropsEdit

Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster outside of Daemonheim.
These drops are dropped alongside main drops.
  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Key token Key token 1 4 Rare Not sold

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