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This article is about the rare scroll dropped by certain monsters. For the scroll received during a treasure trail, see Challenge scroll.

A Champion's scroll is dropped when killing certain monsters. This scroll challenges the player to a battle with the champion of the race that the player received the scroll from. By taking the scroll to the cellar of Champions' Guild, the champion may be fought in the Champion's Challenge Distraction and Diversion. When one is received as a drop, the message A Champion's scroll falls to the ground as you slay your opponent. appears.

The scroll outlines the rules which govern each champion's battle. After winning the battle with the champion, players will get a small amount of experience in the Constitution and Slayer skills.

There were originally 10 different champion's scrolls, each from a different race's champion. Once all 10 have been fought, the human champion of champions Leon D'Cour will challenge the player. On 9 November 2009, 3 more champions (Aberrant Spectre Champion, Banshee Champion, and Mummy Champion) and a new champion of champions named Glophren was added to the activity. He is the gnome champion and may be fought after defeating the 13 champions and Leon D'Cour.

Champion's scrolls have been confirmed to be not affected by the ring of wealth, giving them an unalterable drop rate of 1 in 5,000. Having a champion scroll enhancer will increase the chance of a champion's scroll being dropped by 20% for every kill.

Unlike clue scrolls, players can possess multiple champion's scrolls at once, including scrolls of the same type. However, the player cannot fight the same champion twice. If the player presents Larxus with a duplicate champion scroll, he states, "You have already fought this champion. This challenge is void."

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