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For other uses, see Champion (disambiguation).
Champion (Conquest)
Release date 25 August 2010 (Update)
Movement 4
Damage 400
Health 500
Range 1
Cost 200
Description Finally, the Champion can decimate an opposing force single handed. Truly, they are a sight to behold in the midst of battle.
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Champions are the strongest unit in Conquest.Their movement is somewhat lacking, but they pack a punch, and few units can survive more than a hit from them. Though they must be wary of ranged units, if encountered toe-to-toe, it is likely the champion will come out on top. The one to watch is chastise, which with the lack of a protective command such as Stoicism or Shield Wall can leave a champion vulnerable to a Battle Cry by a knight or another champion.

Judging by the name, these are key players in championeer squads, which usually consist of three or four champions and a lot of scouts. Good commands to use with champions are Regenerate, Battle Cry, Bombard and Charge, but these are by no means the best way to lead a championeer squad - these are only suggestions.


  • Champions originally had 600 life points, but was lowered to 500 life points on 12 October 2010.

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