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Chameleon extract detail
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Chameleon extract is a consumable item purchased from Solomon's General Store that changes the skin colour of the player. It was made available on 16 March 2015. It can be used to choose one of 23 different skin tones and comes in a single, triple, and six pack. When used, the skin colour is kept until it is changed. If changed, there is no way to revert back for free, and it will require another extract.

Using it gives the message: "Your skin magically changes colour. You discard the now empty flask."


Amount Cost (RuneCoins) Effective cost (Runecoin from Bond) Bonds required
(Actual cost)
Members F2P Members F2P
1 126 140 9,074,554
10,082,838 1 (14,043,953)
3 270
(90 each)
(100 each)
(6,481,824 each)
(7,202,027 each)
2 (28,087,906)
6 396
(66 each)
(73.33 each)
(4,753,338 each)
(5,281,487 each)
3 (42,131,859)
Chameleon extract colour select

Colour select interface


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