The Chamber of Invention is one of many sub-divisions within the Wizards' Tower of southern Misthalin. The Chamber of Invention helps to investigate new ways in which magic and runestones can be applied in creating new inventions and devices to benefit Gielinor and help protect humanity from more hostile races.

The Chamber of Invention is referenced by name only on the address label used during the Tribal Totem quest. However, the Wizards' Tower is frequently described as being the source of many new creations, suggesting the Chamber is fairly large in size. Whether it was established before or after the burning of the Wizards' Tower in the Year 70 of the Fifth Age is unknown.

Amongst the positions within the Chamber of Invention is that of Patents Clerk. The organization helps to manage patents and the production, standards, and distribution of such inventions. Wizard Cromperty, who is currently conducting research near East Ardougne's marketplace, is amongst the organization's members.

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