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Completing a daily challenge in Woodcutting will give Woodcutting experience, depending on the player's Woodcutting level, as well as a challenge mystery bag.

LevelTaskExperienceReward itemF2Per?
618 Normal logs389Magic logsNo?
23126 Oak logs2802Kyatt fur Yes
2918 Normal logs6736Blue dragonhideNo?
36120 willow logs5593Magic logsYes
38120 Willow logs11097Adamantite oreNo
43120 Willow logs10717Magic LogsYes
48120 Willow logs11445Magic LogsYes
49120 Willow logs11670Blue dragonhideYes
51120 Willow logs11535Adamantite oreYes
53120 Willow logs11752Dagannoth hideYes
55120 Willow logs12352Snake hideYes
56120 Willow logs12742Dragon bonesYes
57120 Willow logs12885Red dragonhideYes
58120 Willow logs12825Red dragonhideYes
59100 Arctic pine logs17100Magic logsNo
5990 Mahogany logs17100.1Grimy dwarf weedNo
59120 Willow logs12600Grimy dwarf weedYes
6155 Yew logs13162Uncut diamondYes
6155 Yew logs14152Pure essenceNo
6255 Yew logs14295Uncut dragonstoneNo
6255 Yew logs14295Magic logs, coins Yes
6355 Yew logs14910Tortoise shellNo
6355 Yew logs14295Adamant dragon bonesYes
6365 Eucalyptus logs19888Raw rocktailNo
6455 Yew logs20089.9Mahogany plank Yes?
6455 Yew logs15060Adamant dragon bonesYes
6555 Yew logs15060Adamant dragon bonesYes
6555 Yew logs15217Grimy kwuarmYes
6655 Yew logs15217Grimy kwuarmYes
6655 Yew logs15367Raw rocktailYes
6755 Yew logs15510Mahogany plankYes
6755 Yew logs20689Magic log??
6855 Yew logs15510Mahogany plankYes
6855 Yew logs16050Raw rocktailYes
6855 Yew logs16050Mahogany plankYes
6855 Yew logs21402Grimy dwarf weedNo
6955 Yew logs16140Raw rocktailsNo
7055 Yew logs16230Magic logs, coins Yes
7055 Yew logs16230Frost dragon boneYes
7155 Yew logs16312Raw rocktails Yes
7155 Yew logs16312Grimy dwarf weedYes
7155 Yew logs16312Rune barYes
7455 Yew logs16582Runite ore??
7530 Magic logs21183Rune dragon bonesNo
7555 Yew logs15885Tortoise shell, coinsYes
7655 Yew logs16020Frost dragon bonesYes
7755 Yew logs21551Raw rocktailYes?
7755 Yew logs21550Grimy torstolYes?
7830 Magic logs21733Frost dragon bonesNo
7830 Magic logs21733Mahogany plankNo
7955 Yew logs16432Pure essenceYes?
8055 Yew logs16822Magic logs Yes
802 Sawmill Large Jobs22433 N/ANo
8230 Magic logs22800Raw RocktailNo
822 Sawmill Large Jobs22800 N/ANo
8455 Yew logs17370Runite oreYes
8430 Magic logs23164Frost dragon bonesNo
8430 Magic logs23164.5Mahogany plank No
842 Sawmill large jobs23164.5 N/ANo
8530 Magic logs23346Pie shellsNo
8530 Magic logs23346Runite oreNo
8655 Yew logs23526Uncut dragonstoneYes
862 Large Sawmill Jobs23526 N/ANo
872 Sawmill Large Jobs23706 N/ANo
8730 magic logs23706Magic logsNo
8855 Yew logs17910Raw rocktailsYes
892 Sawmill Large Jobs24065NoneNo
8930 Magic logs24065Rune barNo
902 Sawmill Large Jobs24244 N/ANo
9055 Yew logs24243Magic logsYes
9030 Magic logs24244Rune barNo
9030 Elder Logs24243Raw rocktailNo
9155 Yew logs24422Grimy torstolYes
912 Sawmill Large Jobs24421 N/ANo
9130 Magic logs24422Mahogany plankNo
912 Sawmill Large Jobs24422 N/ANo
9155 Yew logs18315Red dragonhide Yes
9155 Yew logs18315Adamant dragon bones Yes
9155 Yew logs18315Kyatt Fur Yes
9155 Yew logs18315Uncut diamond Yes
9130 Elder logs24421Raw rocktailNo
9255 Yew logs18442Uncut diamond Yes
922 Sawmill Large Jobs24598 N/ANo
9230 Elder logs24598Rune dragon bonesNo
9230 Elder logs24598Runite oresNo
9355 Yew logs18577Hardened dragon bonesYes
932 Sawmill Large Jobs24775 N/ANo
9330 Elder logs24775Mahogany logsNo
9455 Yew logs18712Uncut diamondYes
942 Sawmill Large Jobs24951 N/ANo
9430 Elder logs24951Pure essence No
9524 Magic logs25126Frost dragon bonesNo
9524 Magic logs25126Magic logsNo
9530 Magic logs25126Frost dragon bonesNo
95100 Crystal tree shards25126 N/ANo
9655 Yew logs25301Grimy torstolYes
96100 Crystal tree shards25301 N/ANo
9730 Elder logs25476Pure essence No
9830 Elder logs25649Frost dragon bonesNo
98100 Crystal tree shards25649 N/ANo

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