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Completing a daily challenge in Smithing will give Smithing experience, depending on the player's Smithing level, as well as a challenge mystery bag.

LevelTaskExperienceReward itemF2Per?
911 Bronze daggers389Blue dragonhideYes?
1211 Bronze daggers523Mithril oreYes
49210 Steel daggers8505Tortoise shell?
53120 Steel Burial Armour11343Mahogany planks?
56210 Mithril daggers10410Raw rocktail?
58210 Mithril daggers10410Raw rocktail?
58210 Mithril daggers10410Frost dragon bones?
61210 Mithril daggers10410Frost dragon bones?
62210 Mithril daggers10410Raw rocktailNo?
62120 Mithril Burial Armour13887Frost dragon bonesNo
63210 Mithril daggers10410Rune barsNo
64240 Mithril Burial Armour27774Runite oreNo?
6450 Steel Tracks13,887none?
6650 Steel Tracks13,887none?
6750 Steel Tracks13,887none?
6850 Steel Tracks13,888None?
68210 Mithril daggers10410Runite ore, coins Yes
68210 Mithril daggers10410Uncut dragonstoneYes
68210 Mithril daggers13887Raw rocktailNo
6950 Steel Tracks13,887noneNo?
70210 Adamantite daggers12352Runite ore, coins Yes
71210 Adamantite daggers12352Grimy dwarf seedsYes
72210 Adamantite daggers12352Mahogany plankYes
72210 Adamantite daggers16478Pure essenceNo
73210 Adamantite daggers12352Reinforced Dragon BonesYes
7416 Iron Ceremonial Swords16478Raw RocktailNo
74210 Adamant Burial Armour16478Uncut DragonstoneNo
76210 Mithril daggers17420Uncut dragonstoneNo
79210 Adamant daggers16993Raw rocktail No
7916 Steel Ceremonial Swords16933Rune barNo
7916 Iron Ceremonial Swords16933Uncut dragonstoneNo
8016 Steel Ceremonial Swords16933Rune barNo
80210 Adamantite daggers16993Raw RocktailNo
80210 Adamantite daggers12697Rune dragon bones Yes
8016 Mithril Ceremonial Swords16933Raw rocktailNo
8112 Mithril Ceremonial Swords16933Runite oreNo
82210 Adamant daggers12697Tortoise shell Yes
82210 Adamant daggers12697Runite oreYes
8416 Steel Ceremonial Swords16933Grimy CadantineNo
85210 Adamant daggers12697Runite oreYes
86210 Adamantite daggers12697Grimy dwarf weedYes
86210 Adamantite daggers16933Raw rocktailNo
86210 Adamantite daggers16933Mahogany plankNo
879 Adamantite Ceremonial Swords16933Grimy dwarf weedNo
889 Adamantite Ceremonial Swords22153.5Raw rocktailNo
88210 Adamantite daggers22153.5Raw rocktailNo
8816 Steel Ceremonial Swords22153.5Grimy torstol No
89210 Adamantite daggers22153.5Rune barNo
909 Adamantite Ceremonial Swords22153.5Magic LogsNo
9116 Steel Ceremonial Swords22153.5Raw rocktailNo
919 Adamant Ceremonial Swords22153Uncut dragonstoneNo
916 Rune Ceremonial Swords22153Uncut dragonstoneNo
916 Rune Ceremonial Swords22153Raw rocktailNo
9216 Mithril Ceremonial Swords22153.5Uncut dragonstoneNo
929 Adamant Ceremonial Swords22153Mahogany PlanksNo
926 Rune Ceremonial Swords22153?No
936 Rune Ceremonial Swords22153.5Magic logsNo
94210 Adamantite daggers22153.5Uncut dragonstone?
9416 Mithril Ceremonial Swords22153.5Rune barNo
946 Rune Ceremonial Swords22153Uncut Onyx (extended)No
9516 Mithril Ceremonial Swords22153.5Magic logsNo
958 Rune Ceremonial Swords22153Rune Dragon BonesNo
9616 Mithril Ceremonial Swords22153.5Pure essenceNo
9816 Mithril Ceremonial Swords22153.5Magic logsNo
9916 Mithril Ceremonial Swords33697Mahogany plank No
9916 Mithril Ceremonial Swords22153.5Uncut dragonstoneNo
999 Rune Ceremonial Swords3697Raw rocktailNo
996 Rune Ceremonial Swords33698Mahogany plankNo

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