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Completing a daily challenge in Mining will give Mining experience, depending on the player's Mining level, as well as a challenge mystery bag. Free players receive 75% of the exp.

LevelTaskExperienceReward itemMembers
1Clay: 42375Frost dragon bones??
12Rune essence: 56523Dragon bonesNo
15Rune essence: 56704Grimy marentillNo
25Iron ore: 1123414Mahogany planks??
26Iron ore: 1123372Magic logs ??
34Pure essence: 2527334.1Water talisman Yes
36Pure essence: 2525593Adamantite oreYes
48Gold ore: 4514391Adamantite oreNo
51Gold ore: 4511002Adamantite oreNo
54Gold ore: 5411197Grimy kwuarmNo
5413 Strong Mining Urns14760N/AYes
55Gem rocks: 10514055Rune ore[1]Yes
57Mithril ore: 2011212Ourg bones??
5713 Strong Mining Urns15034.5 N/A??
59Mithril ore: 2015114Marigolds??
60Mithril ore: 2011737Adamantite oreNo
60Mithril ore: 2015652Magic logsYes
60Mithril ore: 2012277Dragon bonesNo
61Mithril ore: 2012225Ourg bonesNo
61Mithril ore: 2016302MarigoldsYes
62Mithril ore: 2012225Graahk furNo
62Mithril ore: 2012277Adamantite oreNo
62Mithril ore: 2012277Magic logsNo
63Mithril ore: 2012322Magic logsNo
64Mithril ore: 2012322Raw rocktailNo
65Mithril ore: 2012375Grimy toadflaxNo
65Mithril ore: 2012427Grimy torstolNo
65Mithril ore: 2012427Raw rocktailNo
65Mithril ore: 2012427Adamantite oreNo
6514 Decorated mining urns16439 N/A??
66Mithril ore: 2012427Adamantite oreNo
66Mithril ore: 2016637Rocktail Yes
67Mithril ore: 2012525Adamantite ore, coins No
67Mithril ore: 2012525MarigoldsNo
67Mithril ore: 2016701Adamantite oreYes
6714 Decorated mining urns16701 N/A??
68Mithril ore: 2012570Adamantite oreNo
68Mithril ore: 2016763Raw rocktail Yes
69Mithril ore: 2012615Adamantite ore, coins No
69Mithril ore: 2016825Magic logYes
70Adamantite ore: 712720ProbocisNo
70Adamantite ore: 716968Uncut diamondYes
70Adamantite ore: 712720Mahogany plank No
71Adamantite ore: 712765Adamantite ore No
71Adamantite ore: 712765Adamantite oreNo
71Adamantite ore: 1434056Adamantite oreYes
71Adamantite ore: 712765Ourg bonesNo
71Adamantite ore: 717028Adamantite ore Yes
72Adamantite ore: 712810Adamantite ore No
72Adamantite ore: 712810Adamantite oreNo
72Adamantite ore: 717087Adamantite oreYes
72Adamantite ore: 717087Magic logsYes
73Adamantite ore: 712855Uncut diamondNo
73Adamantite ore: 717145Raw rocktailYes
74Adamantite ore: 712900Grimy toadflaxNo
74Adamantite ore: 717203Magic logsYes
75Adamantite ore: 712937Raw rocktailNo
77Adamantite ore: 712652Mahogany plankNo
77Adamantite ore: 717203Uncut diamondYes
78Adamantite ore: 712690Adamantite oreNo
78Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20716872Tortoise shellsYes
79Adamantite ore: 716976Ourg bonesYes
79Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20716976Rune dragon bonesYes
80Adamantite ore: 712727MarigoldsNo
80Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25017108Magic logsYes
80Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20717108Magic logsYes
81Adamantite ore: 712862Hardened dragon bonesNo
81Adamantite ore: 717159Runite oreYes
82Adamantite ore: 712967Magic logsNo
83Adamantite ore: 712967Uncut diamondNo
83Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20717339Uncut dragonstoneYes
83Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25017339.5Runite oreYes
84Adamantite ore: 712997Uncut diamondNo
85Adamantite ore: 713072Raw rocktailNo
85Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25017436.5Raw rocktailYes
85Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20717436.5Uncut dragonstoneYes
85Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20717436.5Kyatt FurYes
85Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20717436.5Raw rocktail Yes
86Adamantite ore: 713110Raw rocktail No
86Adamantite ore: 713110Red dragonhide No
86Adamantite ore: 713110Magic logs No
87Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25017685Tortoise ShellYes
87Adamantite ore: 713260Mahogany plank No
87Adamantite ore: 713260Uncut diamond No
88Adamantite ore: 713417Adamantite Ore No
88Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25017896Uncut dragonstoneYes
88Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20717895Raw rocktailYes
88Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20717896Magic logsYes
88Adamantite ore: 717895Uncut dragonstoneYes
88Adamantite ore: 717896Uncut dragonstoneYes
89Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20718105Grimy torstolYes
89Seren stones: 5019361 N/AYes
89Adamantite ore: 713575Mahogany plankNo
90Adamantite ore: 718315Grimy dwarf weedYes
90Seren stones: 5018314 N/AYes
91Adamantite ore: 713890Hardened dragon bonesNo
91Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25018524Pure essenceYes
92Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25018733Runite oreYes
92Seren stone: 5018733 N/AYes
93Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20718942Rune barYes
93Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25018943Tortoise shellYes
93Adamantite ore: 718943Adamantite ore Yes
94Adamantite ore: 719153Magic logsYes
94Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25019153Raw rocktailYes
95Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25019361Uncut dragonstoneYes
95Seren stones: 5019361 N/AYes
96Adamantite ore: 719571Ourg bonesYes
96Seren stones: 5019571 N/AYes
97Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20719780Grimy torstolYes
97Seren stones: 5019780.5N/AYes
97Seren stones: 5019990N/AYes
98Concentrated Coal Deposits: 20717686Raw rocktail Yes
98Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25019990Frost dragon bonesYes
98Mine corruption off Seren stones: 5019990 N/AYes
99Concentrated Gold Deposits: 25020200Magic logsYes
99Mine corruption off Seren stones: 5020200 N/AYes
  1. ^ Gems taken will not necessarily be those that you mined during the challenge. Sapphire through diamond will be taken before opal through red topaz. You may select which gems to turn in by having them in your inventory

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