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Completing a daily challenge in Fishing will give Fishing experience, depending on the player's Fishing level, as well as a challenge mystery bag. Free players receive 75% of the exp.

2Start 2 fresh cracked fishing urns353No
24Catch 47 Anchovies3372No
33Catch 66 Pike7507No
37Catch 61 Salmon5625No
45Catch 42 Tuna7508No
46Catch 16 Bass9065Yes
47Start fresh fishing urns6120No
54Catch 38 Swordfish6795No
55Barbarian Leaping Trout9064Yes
55Catch 38 Swordfish6922No
55Catch 38 Swordfish9235Yes
59Catch 124 Leaping Salmon9644Yes
59Catch 38 Swordfish7117No
61Catch 51 Tuna (Barbarian Fishing)9770Yes
62Catch 38 Swordfish10732No
62Start 3 fresh strong fishing urns14314No
63Catch 38 Swordfish10882No
63Catch 38 Swordfish10882No
65Catch 124 Leaping Salmon14720Yes
66Catch 99 Monkfish15133Yes
67Catch 38 Swordfish11505No
68Catch 38 Swordfish11662No
70Catch 99 Monkfish15783Yes
70Catch 38 Swordfish11835No
71Catch 72 Leaping sturgeon15994Yes
71Catch 99 Monkfish15994Yes
72Catch 52 Swordfish (Barbarian Fishing)16207Yes
73Catch 52 Swordfish (Barbarian Fishing)16421Yes
74Catch 72 Leaping Sturgeon16636Yes
74Catch 52 Swordfish (Barbarian Fishing)16636Yes
76Catch 72 Leaping sturgeon17119Yes
76Catch 59 Shark17119Yes
76Start 2 fresh decorated fishing urns17119Yes
78Catch 59 Shark17560Yes
79Catch 72 Leaping sturgeon17783Yes
79Catch 59 Shark17783Yes
79Catch 52 Swordfish (Barbarian Fishing)17783Yes
80Catch 38 Swordfish13500No
81Catch 38 Swordfish13710No
81Catch 59 Shark18284Yes
82Catch 38 Swordfish13882No
82Catch 59 Shark18512Yes
82Start 2 fresh decorated fishing urns18512Yes
83Start 2 fresh decorated fishing urns18741Yes
83Catch 59 Shark18741Yes
84Start 2 fresh decorated fishing urns18746Yes
84Catch 59 Shark18746Yes
85Catch 38 Swordfish14145No
86Catch 46 Cavefish19097-8Yes
87Catch 38 Swordfish14490No
88Catch 38 Swordfish14662No
89Catch 38 Swordfish14842No
89Teleport 1 Decorated fishing urn19792Yes
89Catch 59 Shark19792Yes
90Catch 44 Rocktail20026.5Yes
90Catch 46 Cavefish20026.5Yes
90Catch 38 Swordfish15015No
91Catch 46 Cavefish20262Yes
91Catch 44 Rocktail20262Yes
91Catch 38 Swordfish15195No
92Catch 38 Swordfish15367No
92Catch 44 Rocktail20499Yes
92Catch 59 Shark20499Yes
93Catch 59 Shark20737Yes
93Catch 46 Cavefish20737Yes
93Catch 44 Rocktail20737Yes
94Catch 44 Rocktail20977Yes
95Catch 44 Rocktail21218Yes
95Catch 38 Swordfish15907No
98Catch 56 Shark (Barbarian fishing)21704Yes
98Catch 46 Cavefish21704Yes
98Catch 44 Rocktail21704Yes
99Catch 44 Rocktail21946Yes
99Catch 56 Shark (Barbarian fishing)21936Yes

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