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Completing a daily challenge in Firemaking will give Firemaking experience, depending on the player's Firemaking level.

112 Logs382??
1584 Oak Logs2802??
30280 Willow log6780Yes
34280 Willow logs11173No
42280 Willow logs22192No
42280 Willow logs7485Yes
44280 Willow logs18056Yes?
45280 Willow logs18056Yes?
48280 Willow logs18319Yes
58 Phoenix Rebirth 45657 No
59320 Maple logs45340 ??
59320 Maple logs45974??
64320 Yew logs35430 Yes
65320 Yew logs47242.5
68Light 6 Beacons48,193No
69320 Yew logs35902Yes
71Light 7 Beacons48827No
74320 Yew logs37095 Yes
75320 Yew logs37395Yes
75320 Magic logs49861.5 No
76Circus firemaking performance49861No
79320 Yew logs38107 Yes
79Circus firemaking performance50497No
79320 Magic logs50814No
80320 Yew logs39630 Yes
81320 Yew logs39630 Yes
83Light 9 Beacons52849No
83Light 10 Beacons52849No
84 208 Curly Roots52849No
85Light 11 Beacons52849No
85208 Curly Roots52849No
86Light 10 Beacons52849No
86Light 11 Beacons52849No
87Light 12 Beacons52849No
88320 Yews logs39630Yes
88208 Curly Roots52849No
90320 Yews logs39705Yes
91320 Yews logs40185Yes
92Char's Training Cave53583No
92Light 13 Beacons53266No
92320 Elder logs53583No
94320 Elder logs54217No
94Light All Beacons53900No
95320 Elder logs54534No
96Light All Beacons54534No

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