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Completing a daily challenge in Divination will give Divination experience, depending on the player's Divination level.

5Gather pale memories: 100347
10Gather pale memories: 100639
25Gather bright memories: 1002590
32Gather glowing memories: 1003619
??Gather glowing memories: 1004247
40Gather sparkling memories: 1005334
45 Gather sparkling memories: 100 6152
50Gather gleaming memories: 1007283
51Gather gleaming memories: 1007523
54Gather gleaming memories: 1008273
58Gather gleaming memories: 1009066
59Gather gleaming memories: 1009340
60Gather vibrant memories: 1009902
64Gather vibrant memories: 10011083
65Gather vibrant memories: 10011391
66Gather vibrant memories: 10011702
68Gather vibrant memories: 10012340
69Gather vibrant memories: 10012666.5
70Gather lustrous memories: 10012997
70Gather lustrous memories: 10012998
71Gather lustrous memories: 10013333
72Gather lustrous memories: 10013673.5
73Gather lustrous memories: 10014019
75Gather lustrous memories: 10014724
76Gather lustrous memories: 10015083
77Gather lustrous memories: 10015447.5
78Gather lustrous memories: 10015816,5
79Gather lustrous memories: 10016191
80Gather brilliant memories: 10016569
80Convert truthful shadow cores: 2516569
81Gather brilliant memories: 10016952
82Gather brilliant memories: 10017340
83Gather brilliant memories: 10017733
84Gather brilliant memories: 10018131
85Gather brilliant memories: 10018533
85Gather radiant memories: 10018533
86Gather brilliant memories: 10018940
86Gather radiant memories: 10018940.5
87Gather radiant memories: 10019352
88Gather brilliant memories: 20039538
88Convert blissful shadow cores: 2519769
89Gather radiant memories: 10020190
89Gather brilliant memories: 10020190
90Gather luminous memories: 10020616
91Gather radiant memories: 10021047
91Gather luminous memories: 10021047
92Gather radiant memories: 10021483
93Gather luminous memories: 10021924
94Gather radiant memories: 10022369
94Gather radiant memories: 20044739
95Gather incandescent memories: 10022819
96Gather incandescent memories: 10023273
96Gather luminous memories: 10023274
97Gather luminous memories: 10023733
98Gather luminous memories: 10024197
98Convert manifest shadow cores: 2524197
99Gather luminous memories: 10024667
99Gather incandescent memories: 10024666
99Convert manifest shadow cores: 2524666

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