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Completing a daily challenge in Crafting will give Crafting experience, depending on the player's Crafting level, as well as a challenge mystery bag.

LevelTaskExperienceReward itemMembers
2440 Fragile woodcutting urns3372Raw rocktailYes?
2712 Cracked Smelting Urn1531Raw rocktail Yes?
3370 Accursed urn9982Tortoise shellYes?
3370 Runecrafting urn7532Yes?
3370 Mining Urns5067Uncut dragonstoneNo
3670 Cooking Urns7523Mahogany planks, coinsNo?
3770 Mining Urns7523Uncut dragonstone, coins No
3870 Mining Urns7523Uncut dragonstoneNo
41Send 3 Fishing Urns6472 N/ANo
4270 Cooking Urns11173Uncut dragonstoneNo
4470 Cooking Urns12334Runite ore??
4670 Woodcutting Urns15031Uncut DragonstoneYes
4770 Woodcutting Urns10530Uncut DragonstoneNo
4870 Woodcutting Urns11700Uncut DragonstoneNo
5170 Woodcutting Urns11700Uncut DragonstoneNo
5270 Woodcutting Urns14040Uncut DragonstoneNo
5370 Woodcutting Urns14040Uncut DragonstoneNo
5470 Strong Mining Urns18720Frost dragon bonesYes
5570 Woodcutting Urns14040Uncut DragonstoneNo
5670 Woodcutting Urns14040Uncut DragonstoneNo
5670 Strong Mining Urns18720Mahogany planksYes
5770 Strong Mining Urns18720Magic logsYes
58300 Green d'hide vambraces18720Magic logsYes
5870 Woodcutting urns15637Grimy Dwarf weedNo
5970 Woodcutting urns15637Grimy Dwarf weedNo
5970 Strong Runecrafting Urn20855Uncut dragonstone Yes
6070 Woodcutting Urns15637Uncut dragonstone, coins No
6070 Woodcutting urns15637Raw rocktailNo
6070 Strong cooking urns20855Raw rocktailYes
6170 Woodcutting urns15637Mahogany planksNo
6170 Strong woodcutting urns20855Magic logsYes
6270 Strong woodcutting urns15637Magic logsNo
6370 Strong woodcutting urns20855Dwarf weedYes
6370 Infernal Urns20855.5Uncut DragonstonesYes
6570 Woodcutting urns15637Magic logsNo
6570 Infernal urns20855Runite oreYes
6670 Woodcutting urns15637Grimy dwarf weedNo
67300 Blue d'hide vambraces20855Grimy torstol, coinsYes
6770 Woodcutting urns15637Magic logsNo
6970 Woodcutting urns15637Raw rocktailNo
70300 Blue dragonhide Vambraces20855Rune BarYes
7070 Strong Woodcutting urns20855Magic logs, coinsYes
7070 Strong Woodcutting urns20855Raw rocktail, coinsYes
7170 Strong Woodcutting urns20855Runite ore, coinsYes
7170 Infernal urns20856Mahogany plankYes
72300 Blue d'hide vambraces20855Frost dragon bonesYes
72300 Blue d'hide vambraces32760Mahogany planksYes
72300 Blue d'hide vambraces20855Magic logsYes
73300 Red dragonhide vambraces32760Frost dragon bonesYes
73300 Blue d'hide vambraces32760Magic logsYes
73300 Blue d'hide vambraces32760Grimy dwarf weedsYes
74300 Red dragonhide vambraces32760Grimy candantineYes
75300 Blue d'hide vambraces34320Frost dragon bonesYes
7570 Woodcutting urn34320Frost dragon bonesNo
75200 Harmonic dusts46800 N/AYes
76300 Red dragonhide vambraces34320Raw rocktailYes
7970 Decorated Fishing Urns34320Runite oreYes
7970 Woodcutting urn25740Rune bar No
7970 Woodcutting urn25740Raw rocktail No
8070 Woodcutting urn35100Magic logs No
8070 Woodcutting urn35100Grimy kwuarm No
8070 Woodcutting urn46800Magic logs Yes
8070 Decorated Fishing Urns46800Grimy kwuarmYes
8170 Woodcutting urn35100Magic logs No
8170 Woodcutting urn35100Raw rocktail No
8170 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Runite oreYes
8270 Woodcutting urn35100Mahogany plank No
8370 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Rune BarsYes
8370 Woodcutting urn35100Grimy cadantine No
8370 Decorated Fishing Urns46800Raw RocktailYes
8470 Decorated Runecrafting Urns46800Raw RocktailYes
8470 Decorated Farming Urns46800Runite OreYes
8470 Woodcutting urn35100Mahogany plank No
8570 Woodcutting urn35100Mahogany plank No
85300 Black d'hide vambraces46800Raw RocktailYes
8570 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Runite oreYes
8570 Decorated Fishing Urns46800Raw RocktailYes
8770 Woodcutting urn35100Raw Rocktail No
87300 Black d'hide vambraces46800Grimy kwuarmYes
8770 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Rune dragon bonesYes
8870 Woodcutting urn35100Tortoise shell No
88300 Black d'hide vambraces46800Frost dragon bonesYes
8870 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Raw rocktailYes
8970 Woodcutting urn35100Grimy toadflax No
8970 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Runite oreYes
8970 Decorated Fishing Urns46800??Yes
9070 Woodcutting urn35100Reinforced dragon bonesNo
9070 Decorated Fishing Urns46800Grimy torstolYes
9270 Woodcutting urn35100Reinforced dragon bones No
9370 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Tortoise shell, coinsYes
9470 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Magic logsYes
9570 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Magic logsYes
9770 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Frost dragon bones. Yes
9870 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Rune barsYes
9970 Decorated Cooking Urns46800Frost dragon bonesYes
9970 Woodcutting Urns46800Rune barsNo?
9970 Decorated Farming Urns46800Runite OreYes

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