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Completing a daily challenge in Cooking will give Cooking experience, depending on the player's Cooking level, as well as a challenge mystery bag.

LevelTaskExperienceReward itemF2Per?
23 Chicken214Uncut Sapphire?
35175 Pike5003Mahogany plankNo
5070 Cheese22327Raw rocktailNo
53143 Swordfish38752Frost Dragon Bones?
5539 Meat pizzas38752Raw rocktail??
5534 Fish pies40426Raw rocktailNo
5834 Fish pies49276Tortoise shellNo
5996 Pitta breads51670Runite oreNo
6439 Meat pizzas40312Water talisman??
65243 Monkfish54128Rune dragon bones No
6739 Meat pizzas41340Uncut dragonstone ??
6796 Pitta breads55122Rune barNo
7039 Meat pizzas43087Raw rocktail, coins Yes
70138 Admiral pies57453Tortoise shellNo
71143 Swordfish43612Grimy Kwuarm??
73138 Admiral pies59564Frost dragon bonesNo
74138 Admiral Pies59564Grimy LantadymeNo
7539 Meat pizzas45277Rune dragon bones ??
7639 Meat pizzas45832Runite ore, coins??
76150 Curry61111Uncut DragonstoneNo
7939 Meat pizzas46935Pure essence Yes?
79138 Admiral Pies63318Rune bar, coinsNo
80184 Sharks66738Raw RocktailNo
83184 Sharks69668Magic logsNo
84184 Sharks69668.5Raw RocktailNo
85184 Sharks71339Frost Dragon BonesNo
8539 Meat pizzas53497Rune Dragon Bones Yes
85Start 5 Decorated Cooking Urns71339 N/ANo
86184 Sharks72184Tortoise ShellNo
8639 Meat pizzas54135Magic logsYes?
87Start 5 Decorated Cooking Urns73028 N/ANo
87184 Sharks73028Magic logsNo
88223 Cavefish74532.5Grimy CadantineNo
89223 Cavefish74532.5Raw rocktailsNo
90184 Sharks76230Pure essenceNo
90184 Sharks76230Rune barNo
90184 Sharks76230Rune barNo
90223 Cavefish76230Rune barNo
91223 Cavefish78214Mahogany plankNo
91223 Cavefish76230Rune dragon bonesNo
92223 Cavefish79076Uncut DragonstoneNo
92184 Sharks79079Mahogany plankNo
92143 Swordfish59303Mahogany plankYes
93249 Rocktails83158Uncut Dragonstone/ Rune BarNo
9339 Meat Pizzas62362Mahogany Plank Yes
9339 Meat Pizzas62362Magic logs Yes
9339 Meat Pizzas62362Rune bar Yes
9439 Meat Pizzas63037Runite ore Yes
94223 Cavefish84057Uncut dragonstoneNo
9539 Meat Pizzas63697Rune dragon bones Yes
95331 Summer pies84935Uncut dragonstoneYes
95223 Cavefish84935Rune barNo
96331 Summer pies85834Magic logsNo
96249 Rocktails85834Magic logs / Tortoise ShellNo
9739 Meat Pizzas65047Mahogany Plank Yes
97331 Summer pies86734Tortoise shellNo
97249 Rocktails86733Frost dragon bonesNo
9839 Meat Pizzas65707Mahogany Plank Yes
98249 Rocktails87610Pure essenceNo
98331 Summer pies87610Rune dragon bonesNo
99249 Rocktails87610Magic logsNo
99331 Summer pies87610Grimy spirit weedNo

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