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Completing a daily challenge in Construction will give Construction experience, depending on the player's Construction level, as well as a challenge mystery bag.

LevelTaskExperienceReward item
54 Crude wooden chairs766None
22100 Oak Benches4106Mahogany Planks
26120 Oak Armchairs6093Mahogany Planks
32120 Oak Kitchen Tables13404Reinforced dragon bones x14
3460 Large Oak Beds9168Tortoise Shells x21
39120 Oak Wardrobes15932Runite ore
40120 Mahogany Bookcases15932Grimy kwuarm
46120 Oak Costume Boxes15932Runite ore
4940 Chef's Delights (Barrels)15932Runite ore
5380 4-poster beds21837Frost dragon bones
55120 Oak Cape rack23061Mahogany Planks
60120 Oak Cape rack26122Grimy Kwuarm
62120 Teak magic wardrobes27346Grimy lantadyme
65120 Teak Cape Racks29183Mahogany Planks
67240 Mahogany Dressers60816Runite Ore
69120 Teak Cape Racks31632Magic logs
69120 Teak Toy Boxes31632Magic logs
71120 Teak Toy Boxes32857Raw rocktail
71120 Carved teak magic wardrobes32857Grimy Cadantine
71120 Teak armour cases32857Raw rocktail
72120 Teak toy boxes33469Pure essence
72120 Carved teak magic wardrobes33469Runite ore
73120 Teak toy boxes34082Rune bar
73120 Teak toy boxes34082Uncut dragonstone
74120 Mahogany cape racks34693Mahogany planks
74120 Carved teak magic wardrobes34694Grimy torstol
74120 Teak toy boxes34693Pure essence
75120 Mahogany wardrobes35306Uncut dragonstone
75120 Mahogany cape racks35306Uncut dragonstone
76120 Carved teak magic wardrobes35918Grimy dwarf weed
77120 mahogany cape racks36530Pure essence
79120 Mahogany Cape Racks37755Grimy Kwuarm
80120 Mahogany wardrobe38367Frost dragon bones
82120 Mahogany Fancy Dress Boxes39591101 Grimy Toadflax
83120 Mahogany armour cases40204Magic logs
83120 Mahogany Magic wardrobes40204Raw rocktail
83120 Mahogany Magic Wardrobes40204Rune Dragon Bones
83240 Mahogany magic wardrobes80408Uncut onyx
85120 Mahogany fancy dress boxes41428Rune Dragon Bones
86120 Mahogany wardrobe41428Raw rocktail
86120 Mahogany toy boxes42040Grimy torstol
86120 Mahogany armour cases42040Grimy kwuarm
86120 Mahogany Fancy Dress Boxes42041Rune Bar
87120 Mahogany toy boxes42653Rune Bar
87120 Mahogany Armour Cases42653Uncut Dragonstone
87120 Mahogany Armour Cases42653Rune Bar
87120 Mahogany Armour Cases42653Frost Dragon Bones
87120 Mahogany costume boxes42653Magic logs
88120 Mahogany costume boxes43265Grimy torstol
88120 Mahogany armour cases43265Raw rocktail
90120 Mahogany armour cases44490Grimy torstol
91120 Mahogany toy boxes45102Grimy torstol
91120 Mahogany costume boxes45102Raw rocktail
91120 Mahogany costume boxes45102Rune bar
92120 Mahogany costume boxes45714Pure essence
92120 Mahogany armour cases45714Grimy torstol
92120 Mahogany toy boxes45714Uncut dragonstone
93120 Mahogany toy boxes46327Magic logs
94120 Mahogany toy boxes46938.5Runite ore
94120 Mahogany toy boxes46938.5Uncut dragonstone
95120 Mahogany toy boxes47551Raw rocktail
95240 Mahogany toy boxes (extended)95102Tortoise shells
96120 Mahogany toy boxes48163Raw rocktail
96120 Mahogany toy boxes48163Rune dragon bones
96120 Mahogany toy boxes48163Grimy dwarf weed
97120 Mahogany toy boxes48775Runite ore
98120 Mahogany armour cases49387Magic logs
99120 Mahogany toy boxes50000Rune dragon bones
99120 Mahogany toy boxes50000Grimy dwarf weed

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