The Challem are a type of Gorajo. They serve as tribe leaders, having the highest possible duty a Gorajo can fulfil.[1] According to Gorajo Bloodragers, the Gorajo must protect the clan and serve Challem.[2] Not much else is known of Challem, although they are seemingly respected by the Gorajo, being praised by the Bloodragers.[3]


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  2. ^ Bloodrager, "Daemonheim", RuneScape. "Their lives are more complicated, brother. They must bear burdens, teach, guide and lead. Although we must protect the clan and serve Challem, we have nothing else to cloud our minds."
  3. ^ Bloodrager, "Daemonheim", RuneScape. "Sure you do! Or how else would you grebbit? I am just happy to be alive, breathing the air and completing the task that has been asked of me. Challem be praised."

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