Ceremonial Brazier
Ceremonial Brazier
Release date 24 July 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest Unknown edit
Location Lunar Isle
Examine Burn logs - woo hoo!

The Ceremonial Brazier is found on Lunar Isle. It is located in the largest building in the Moon Clan settlement, on the western side of the island. The brazier can be lit at any time using a tinderbox in the inventory or by using the tool belt. Lighting the brazier requires no logs.

The brazier is used during the quests Lunar Diplomacy, Dream Mentor and Blood Runs Deep. In Lunar Diplomacy, it is used to enter Dream World. During Dream Mentor, the brazier is used to enter Cyrisus' dream to help him overcome his fears. Throughout Blood Runs Deep, it is used to enter the sick man's dream.

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