Small, weak cave goblins are the deceased friends and acquaintances of Zanik whom she must endure being tortured and killed by hordes of Bandosians in her Afterlife as a punishment for defying the Big High War God. A spell causes them to shout insults at Zanik against their will, adding to her torture. During Nomad's Elegy, groups of ten goblins must be protected from incoming Bandosians, which concretely boils down to saving at least one of them from death at the end of each wave. They only have 200 life points[source needed], making this a non-trivial challenge.

After three waves of Bandosians have been defeated, the surviving goblins convince Zanik that she is capable of escaping her cruel punishment without jeopardising the other goblins' souls, stating that they would be freed as well.


  • The goblins' taunts to Zanik are voice acted.
  • There is a chance for the goblins to tell about the arrival of Xau-Tak after they are rescued, seemingly without realising it.