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Cave Wolf Matriarch skull detail

This Cave Wolf Matriarch skull is obtained by killing the Cave Wolf Matriarch after the Carnillean Rising quest. It can be exchanged for one of the following by talking to Claus the chef.

Note: If you have a Bonecrusher in your inventory when you kill the Cave Wolf Matriarch, the Skull will then not drop and instead bury itself. You must not have this item in your inventory when you kill her.

Item Name Grand Exchange Value
Pure essence 2000 Pure essence 54,000
Flax 3500 Flax 108,500
Dragon scale dust 200 Dragon scale dust 41,400
Unicorn horn dust 100 Unicorn horn dust 41,400

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Cave Wolf Matriarch91; 981Always


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