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Catspeak amulet (e)
Catspeak amulet (e)
Release date 26 September 2005 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? A Tail of Two Cats
Tradeable? No
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
Value 1 coin
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy You can get another Amulet of Catspeak from the Sphinx in Sophanem.
Store price Not sold
Examine It's an amulet of cat speak. It makes vague purring noises.
Weight 1.3 kg
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Catspeak amulet (e) detail

A Catspeak amulet (e) is a Catspeak amulet that has been enchanted by Hild (at the cost of 5 death runes) and is used in A Tail of Two Cats, Ritual of the Mahjarrat and One of a Kind. The enchantment allows a player to locate Bob by use of an interface inside the amulet.

To use the amulet, right-click on it and select Open. Bob will be in the direction that is lit up. Hild requires five Death runes to enchant the Catspeak amulet.

Unlike the regular catspeak amulet, a player may only have one catspeak amulet (e) at a time.

It will retain its Bob locating abilities if combined with a cramulet.

Combat Stats
Skill requirements
Class Slot
None Neck slot
Weapons Main Off
Damage - -
Accuracy - -
Style -
Defence-icon Armour rating0
Constitution-icon Life bonus0
Prayer-icon Prayer bonus0
Style bonuses
Strength-icon0 Ranged-icon0 Magic-icon0
Catspeak amulet (e) equipped

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