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Meiyerditch cat
Release date 22 March 2006 (Update)
Race Cat
Members only Yes
Quest NPC No
Location Meiyerditch
Sells items No
Gender Male/Female
Examine A smelly cat.
Meiyerditch cat chathead

Cats are unhealthy felines found within Meiyerditch. They seem to have human owners, as they wear collars. Unlike the stray dogs wandering the area, the cats have a talk-to option. If talked to without a catspeak amulet (e), or a cramulet, they will simply exclaim Miaoww in the overworld chat. However, when talked to with any of the above amulets, players can learn that they are trapped within Meiyerditch, and are rarely fed (as the humans themselves have little food), but are siding with the humans and wish to help them escape.

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