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This article is about the Hunter creature. For the weapon, see Red chinchompa.
Carnivorous chinchompa
Carnivorous chinchompa
Release date 21 November 2006 (Update)
Hunter Level 63
Experience 265
Location Feldip Hunter area
Trap Box trap
Preferred bait Spicy minced meat
Retaliation Explodes when killed, dealing 20 life points
Loot Red chinchompas
Examine It looks fluffy and cute; it's probably deadly.

Carnivorous chinchompas are level 63 Hunter creatures that may be caught using box traps, which can be baited with spicy minced meat or spicy tomatoes[source needed]. They are found in the Feldip Hunter area, and give 265 Hunter experience when caught. They can also be found in one of the private hunter areas unlocked by participating in the Big Chinchompa distraction and diversion. Once caught, they transform into stackable red chinchompas, which can be wielded as a Ranged weapon with a Ranged level of 55.

Carnivorous chinchompas can be attacked and explode when killed. If the attacking player is next to the chinchompa when it explodes, they will be pushed back 1 square and dealt 20 life points of ranged damage (this cannot be mitigated by Prayer). Players hunting these chinchompas should take care, as clicking on one will cause the player to attack it. A player can avoid this entirely by equipping a Ranged or Magic weapon without ammunition.


  • On 3 March 2009, Jagex updated the number of chinchompas that spawn in each hunter area. This was probably implemented to create less competition among hunters as chinchompas are very popular for training Hunter.

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