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This article is about the Hunter creature. For other uses, see Chinchompa (disambiguation).
Carnivorous chinchompa
Carnivorus chinchompas
Level 63
Experience 265
Location Feldip Hunter area
Trap Box trap
Preferred bait Spicy minced meat
Retaliation Explodes when killed, dealing 20 life points
Loot Red chinchompas
Examine It looks fluffy and cute; it's probably deadly.
Red chinchompa equipped
A player wields a red chinchompa, made from a captured carnivorous chinchompa

Carnivorous chinchompas (sometimes called red chinchompas because when caught they take on that name) are found in the Feldip Hunter area, which is the jungle in the southern part of the Feldip Hills. Carnivorous chinchompas can be caught using the Hunter skill. They can be trapped with box traps at level 63 Hunter and give 265 Hunter experience when caught. Once caught, carnivorous chinchompas transform into stackable red chinchompas, which can be wielded as a Ranged weapon with a Ranged level of 55.

Carnivorous chinchompas can be attacked and explode when killed. If the attacking player is next to the chinchompa when it explodes, they will be pushed back 1 square and dealt 20 life points damage. Players hunting these chinchompas should take care, as accidentally clicking on one will cause the player to attack it. A player can avoid this entirely by equipping a bow without arrows. Then, an accidental click does not start an attack, since the bow has no arrows. (Crystal bowszaryte bows and chargebows cannot be used in this fashion, since they do not need arrows.)

A fast but more labour-intensive method of catching chinchompas is the "stand and shoot" method. The player should equip a bow and 1000+ arrows, or a chargebow, and go to a very crowded world and figure out where one chinchompa respawns by killing one and seeing where it appears. Once the player knows the exact location where a chinchompa respawns, they should surround the square with their box traps. Then, as the chinchompa appears, it will either enter a trap, or it will dismantle all traps and hop away. If the chinchompa dismantles the traps, the player should immediately kill it with an arrow and set the traps up again as fast as possible. In about three to four seconds, the chinchompa will respawn again, and the player may repeat the process of "standing and shooting" if necessary. This method has been tested to be more experience per hour than the traditional "set-up traps and wait" method, because the player can just make the chinchompa respawn and make it more likely to enter a trap rather than wait while it wanders around.

Red Chinchompa Capture
A player trapping a carnivorous chinchompa within a box trap.

It is recommended to use a spirit larupia familiar (level 57 Summoning required) for its invisible +5 Hunter boost and free teleport to Feldip Hills, or an arctic bear, for its +7 invisible Hunter boost. However, familiars may interfere with the hunting process, as they will stand on the player's traps and force them to right-click to pick them up. It is also recommended bringing the enhanced yaktwee stick for its 5% Hunter experience bonus.

With the introduction of the Big Chinchompa Distraction and Diversion, carnivorous chinchompas become easier to catch, due to the D&D granting the player access to a private area to hunt them. It still takes a while to amass a large number of them, since multiple games of Big Chinchompa must be completed to gain enough points to have the tickets to stay there long enough


  • Chinchompas were most likely inspired by the chinchilla.
  • Apparently, chinchompas are rodents, as seen in Postbag from the Hedge 38.
  • Red chinchompas were once popular among high-level rangers and hunters because they were one of the fastest ways to achieve 99 Ranged and were therefore very expensive. Since the Evolution of Combat update, they are much less effective for rapid training.
  • On 3 March 2009, Jagex updated the number of chinchompas that spawn in each hunter area. This was probably implemented to create less competition among hunters as chinchompas are very popular for training Hunter and making money.
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