Carapace armour equipped

A player wearing carapace armour.

Carapace armour is ranged armour requiring 30 Defence to equip. Able to be worn by free-to-play players, it provides stats greater than studded leather armour but less than green dragonhide armour.

Carapace armour can be made using the Crafting skill. Making it requires carapace, which is always dropped by cockroach soldiers, and dropped less often by cockroach workers and Cockroach drones. Crafting a full set requires 9 carapace and 5 thread.

Components and bonusesEdit

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Carapace helmCarapace helm9000---1,066
Carapace torsoCarapace torso10400---1,340
Carapace legsCarapace legs9900---1,201
Carapace glovesCarapace gloves2200---599
Carapace bootsCarapace boots2200---603
Carapace shieldCarapace shield9000---7,286

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