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Carapace detail

Carapace is used in the Crafting skill to make carapace armour. It is dropped by cockroach soldiers, cockroach workers and cockroach drones, all of which are found at the Stronghold of Player Safety. It can also be bought on the Grand Exchange.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Cockroach drone41Uncommon
Cockroach soldier361Always
Cockroach worker301Common

Carapace itemsEdit

Carapace can be made into carapace armour if the player has a needle, thread, and the appropriate Crafting level.

Item Level Experience Carapace required GE price
Carapace gloves Carapace gloves 30 12 1 593
Carapace boots Carapace boots 31 12 1 555
Carapace helm Carapace helm 33 24 2 1,001
Carapace legs Carapace legs 34 24 2 1,093
Carapace torso Carapace torso 35 36 3 1,263
Carapace shield Carapace shield 36 36 3 10,000


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