Costume room

A costume room with a cape rack in the top-right corner.

The Cape rack is a hot spot found in the costume room of a player-owned house. It is used to store capes without taking up bank space. It can store only one of each different cape at the time. Some capes cannot be stored on any cape rack.

Cape racksEdit

Magical cape rack built

A magical cape rack can be built at level 99 construction.

Image Type Level Materials required Details Flatpack GE Price
Oak cape rack icon Oak cape rack 54 4 oak planks Most capes 9 coins (update)
Teak cape rack icon Teak cape rack 63 4 teak planks Most capes, plus one Cape of Accomplishment or Cape of Distinction 19 coins (update)
Mahogany cape rack icon Mahogany cape rack 72 4 mahogany planks Most capes, plus five Capes of Accomplishment or Capes of Distinction 134 coins (update)
Gilded cape rack icon Gilded cape rack 81 4 mahogany planks, 1 gold leaf Most capes, plus ten Capes of Accomplishment or Capes of Distinction 96,676 coins (update)
Marble cape rack icon Marble cape rack 90 1 marble block Any storable cape 313,927 coins (update)
Magical cape rack icon Magical cape rack 99 1 magic stone Any storable cape 783,474 coins (update)


Set Cape Hood Master Set Master Cape
Legends cape Cape of legends
Obsidian cape Obsidian cape
Fire cape Fire cape
Wilderness capes[1] Team-1 cape
God cape Saradomin cape, Guthix cape or Zamorak cape
Attack cape Attack cape, Attack cape (t), Hooded attack cape or Hooded attack cape (t) Attack hood Attack master cape Attack master cape
Defence cape Defence cape, Defence cape (t), Hooded defence cape or Hooded defence cape (t) Defence hood Defence master cape Defence master cape
Strength cape Strength cape, Strength cape (t), Hooded strength cape or Hooded strength cape (t) Strength hood Strength master cape Strength master cape
Constitution cape Constitution cape, Constitution cape (t), Hooded constitution cape or Hooded constitution cape (t) Constitution hood Constitution master cape Constitution master cape
Agility cape Agility cape, Agility cape (t), Hooded agility cape or Hooded agility cape (t) Agility hood Agility master cape Agility master cape
Cooking cape Cooking cape, Cooking cape (t), Hooded cooking cape or Hooded cooking cape (t) Cooking hood Cooking master cape Cooking master cape
Construction cape Construction cape, Construction cape (t), Hooded construction cape or Hooded construction cape (t) Construction hood Construction master cape Construction master cape
Crafting cape Crafting cape, Crafting cape (t), Hooded crafting cape or Hooded crafting cape (t) Crafting hood Crafting master cape Crafting master cape
Farming cape Farming cape, Farming cape (t), Hooded farming cape or Hooded farming cape (t) Farming hood Farming master cape Farming master cape
Firemaking cape Firemaking cape, Firemaking cape (t), Hooded firemaking cape or Hooded firemaking cape (t) Firemaking hood Firemaking master cape Firemaking master cape
Fishing cape Fishing cape, Fishing cape (t), Hooded fishing cape or Hooded fishing cape (t) Fishing hood Fishing master cape Fishing master cape
Fletching cape Fletching cape, Fletching cape (t), Hooded fletching cape or Hooded fletching cape (t) Fletching hood Fletching master cape Fletching master cape
Herblore cape Herblore cape, Herblore cape (t), Hooded herblore cape or Hooded herblore cape (t) Herblore hood Herblore master cape Herblore master cape
Magic cape Magic cape, Magic cape (t), Hooded magic cape or Hooded magic cape (t) Magic hood Magic master cape Magic master cape
Mining cape Mining cape, Mining cape (t), Hooded mining cape or Hooded mining cape (t) Mining hood Mining master cape Mining master cape
Prayer cape Prayer cape,Prayer cape (t), Hooded prayer cape or Hooded prayer cape (t) Prayer hood Prayer master cape Prayer master cape
Ranging cape Ranged cape, Ranged cape (t), Hooded ranged cape or Hooded ranged cape (t) Ranged hood Ranged master cape Ranged master cape
Runecrafting cape Runecrafting cape, Runecrafting cape (t), Hooded runecrafting cape or Hooded runecrafting cape (t) Runecrafting hood Runecrafting master cape Runecrafting master cape
Slayer cape Slayer cape, Slayer cape (t), Hooded slayer cape or Hooded slayer cape (t) Slayer hood Slayer master cape Slayer master cape
Smithing cape Smithing cape, Smithing cape (t), Hooded smithing cape or Hooded smithing cape (t) Smithing hood Smithing master cape Smithing master cape
Thieving cape Thieving cape, Thieving cape (t), Hooded thieving cape or Hooded thieving cape (t) Thieving hood Thieving master cape Thieving master cape
Woodcutting cape Woodcutting cape, Woodcut. cape (t), Hooded woodcutting cape or Hooded woodcut. cape (t) Woodcutting hood Woodcutting master cape Woodcutting master cape
Hunter cape Hunter cape, Hunter cape (t), Hooded hunter cape or Hooded hunter cape (t) Hunter hood Hunter master cape Hunter master cape
Quest point cape Quest point cape Quest point hood Master quest cape Master quest cape
Summoning cape Summoning cape, Summoning cape (t), Hooded summoning cape or Hooded summoning cape (t) Summoning hood Summoning master cape Summoning master cape
Dungeoneering cape Dungeoneering cape, Dungeoneering cape (t), Hooded dungeoneering cape or Hooded dungeoneering cape (t) Dungeoneering hood Dungeoneering master cape Dungeoneering master cape
Divination cape Divination cape, Divination cape (t), Hooded divination cape or Hooded divination cape (t) Divination hood Divination master cape Divination master cape
Invention cape Invention cape, Invention cape (t), Hooded Invention cape or Hooded Invention cape (t) Invention hood Invention master cape Invention master cape
Spotted cape Spotted cape
Spottier cape Spottier cape
Soul Wars cape Red cape or Blue cape
Clan Cloak Clan cloak
Milestone cape (10) Milestone cape (10)
Milestone cape (20) Milestone cape (20)
Milestone cape (30) Milestone cape (30)
Milestone cape (40) Milestone cape (40)
Milestone cape (50) Milestone cape (50)
Milestone cape (60) Milestone cape (60)
Milestone cape (70) Milestone cape (70)
Milestone cape (80) Milestone cape (80)
Milestone cape (90) Milestone cape (90)
Veteran Cape Veteran cape (5 year) Veteran hood (5 year)
Classic cape Classic cape Classic hood
Max cape Max cape Max hood
Completionist cape Completionist cape or Completionist cape (t) Completionist hood or Completionist hood (t)
Herald cape[1] Herald cape
TokHaar-Kal-Ket TokHaar-Kal-Ket
TokHaar-Kal-Xil TokHaar-Kal-Xil
TokHaar-Kal-Mej TokHaar-Kal-Mej
Castle Wars flag cape Castle wars flag cape
Castle Wars kills cape Castle wars kills cape
Castle Wars hobbyist cape Castle wars hobbyist cape
Castle Wars enthusiast cape Castle wars enthusiast cape
Castle Wars professional cape Castle wars professional cape
Zamorak team cape Zamorak team cape
Saradomin team cape Saradomin team cape
Zamorak team hood Zamorak team hood
Saradomin team hood Saradomin team hood
Veteran cape (10 year) Veteran cape (10 year) Veteran hood (10 year)
Ardougne cloak 4 Ardougne cloak 4
Spirit cape Spirit cape
Cloak of Seasons Cloak of Seasons
Cloak of Spring Cloak of Spring
Cloak of Summer Cloak of Summer
Cloak of Autumn Cloak of Autumn
Cloak of Winter Cloak of Winter
Gatherer's cape Gatherer's cape Gatherer's hood
Combatant's cape Combatant's cape Combatant's hood
Artisan's cape Artisan's cape Artisan's helm
Support cape Support cape Support hood
Clan Amlodd cape Clan Amlodd cape
Clan Cadarn cape Clan Cadarn cape
Clan Crwys cape Clan Crwys cape
Clan Hefin cape Clan Hefin cape
Clan Iorwerth cape Clan Iorwerth cape
Clan Ithell cape Clan Ithell cape
Clan Meilyr cape Clan Meilyr cape
Clan Trahaearn cape Clan Trahaearn cape
Master clan cape Master clan cape
Ava's attractor Ava's attractor
Ava's accumulator Ava's accumulator
Ava's alerter Ava's alerter
Superior reefwalker's cape Reefwalker's cape
Soul cape Soul cape
Soul cape (barrows) Soul cape (barrows)
Soul cape (white) Soul cape (white)
Soul cape (shadow) Soul cape (shadow)
Soul cape (black) Soul cape (black)
Soul cape (blood) Soul cape (blood)
  1. ^ a b Only one cape of this type can be stored.


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