This article is about the quest item from Icthlarin's Little Helper. For other uses, see Canopic jar (disambiguation).

The Canopic jar is a quest item for Icthlarin's Little Helper that contains deceased bodies. The High Priest will get mad at the player for carrying it during parts of the quest. After the quest, it cannot be stored in the bank, displaying the message "A magical force prevents you from banking this item!". When the player drops it, it says "The burial jar magically turns to dust as you drop it."

Even if a player manages to get rid of the jar during the quest, upon entering the pyramid they'll get a message: "You see a strange jar on the floor. It seems oddly familiar, as if you'd seen it before, so you decide to pick it up." During the second flashback, the player also has to pick up one of four canopic jars, depending on the one they had in real time.


There are four variations of the canopic jar, and varies from player to player. The jar a player has determines which God in avatar form they will fight.

Canopic jar (Apmeken) Canopic jar (Apmeken)Apmeken
Canopic jar (Crondis) Canopic jar (Crondis)Crondis
Canopic jar (Het) Canopic jar (Het)Het
Canopic jar (Scabaras) Canopic jar (Scabaras)Scabaras

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