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Cannibal jadinko

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Cannibal jadinko
Cannibal jadinko
Level 75
Experience 505
Location Herblore Habitat
Trap Marasamaw plant
Preferred bait Withered vine
Retaliation No
Loot Plant teeth, vine bush seeds
Examine A strange plant creature with sharp, pointed teeth.

The cannibal jadinko is a creature found in Herblore Habitat. It requires 75 Hunter to trap. When caught, it gives 505 Hunter experience, plant teeth (used for making juju cooking potions), and a chance at vine bush seeds.

To attract this jadinko, players must plant a green vine blossom, a kalferberry bush, and build a tall grass habitat. In addition, a juju hunter potion must be used on the blossom.

Although this jadinko may be trapped at level 75 hunter, the juju hunter potion needed to catch it requires corrupt vines as an ingredient, and they can only be obtained by tracking diseased jadinkos which require level 78 hunter.

Seed drop percentages
Seed Percent


Flower seeds
Not dropped
Herb seeds
Not dropped
Bush seeds
Lergberry seed 5 Lergberry


Kalferberry seed 5 Kalferberry


Tree seeds
Not dropped
Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 1,146 drops. Please add to the log!

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