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Candle lantern (black) detail

The Black candle lantern is a type of member's only lightsource used in the Firemaking skill. It is made by using a black candle with a candle lantern (empty). A black candle lantern has the same function as a white candle lantern, except a black candle lantern is untradable.

To make a black candle lantern the player must first have an unlit black candle, a candle lantern frame (made with the Crafting skill) and at least level 4 Firemaking. The player places the black candle in the lantern frame and lights it using a tinderbox to create a candle lantern (lit black). No experience is received when lighting a black candle lantern. Black candle lanterns (along with the white candle variant) are not recommended for the Lumbridge Slayer Caves, as they have a high chance of igniting the swamp gas, hitting the player up to 160 in an explosion.


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