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Classic Runestone

The Candle Shop (as the name implies) only sells candles. It is located in Catherby, just a little West of the town's bank. Players who need a black candle for the Merlin's Crystal quest can get one by trading a bucket of wax to this shop, after which they can be bought from the shop for coins, like normal candles.

Notably, if the player right-clicks the standard white Candle in the shop interface, one of the purchase options has been replaced. What should read "Buy 5 Candle" instead reads "Buy 4 Candle". Should this option be selected, the player will receive an object called a Fork handle. The Fork Handle is not tradeable, and no coins are deducted from the player for the transaction. However, the amount of candles in stock will still be reduced by four.

Stock Edit

Candle Shop stock

Candle Shop Stock

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Candle Candle 10 3 1 137 1,340
Black candle Black candle 10 3 1 Not sold Not sold

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