For the potion flask version, see Camouflage flask.
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Camouflage potion detail

Camouflage potions can be made with level 65 Herblore. When consumed, the potion removes the player's minimap dot for 1 minute.

Camouflage potion is made by using clean bloodweed and a black salamander on vial of water.

Casting high alchemy on Camouflage potion (1) provides the same amount of gold as casting high alchemy on Camouflage potion (3). Thus, it is recommended to decant potions into one-dose potions if one is planning to alchemize them.


Camouflage potion (3) Camouflage potion (3)
Herblore-Make-X GE icon
150 XP--
Herblore Herblore level65
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Bloodweed potion (unf)Bloodweed potion (unf)112,32612,326
Black salamanderBlack salamander110,06110,061
Total price22,387


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